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  1. Pretty sure it was this one.
  2. What do you think? Someone mentioned that the font was hard to read. I find it makes the pages look old.
  3. Hey @Natalino, @TarkovEscaper, I love the lore you posted/translated. I tried my best to reproduce your great Russian originals. Hope you guys like it and will use it! I also hope you guys dont mind me posting these on Tales of Tarkov Regards, Cajun
  4. I joined two weeks ago and been having a blast!
  5. Hi All, Just for fun, I started a backstory for my character. Hope you guys check it out! Cajun
  6. I stream EFT most days on youtube if you want to come hang out;

  7. HAHAHA nice haul! But dont hate EFT. or I wont like you anymore.
  8. Nice! Thx!
  9. Wait, how can you stream? I though that was not allowed? I would love to stream as well even if just to show my friends this great game. C
  10. Awesome! Thanks! I'll add you. Cajun115 for anyone else that wants to connect for a group.
  11. Hahaha wasn't that you that just knifed me in the scrotum?
  12. Hi ppl! Experienced gamer just startung out with tarkov. I got the alpha access today and I'm looking for ppl to team up with on discord or teamspeak whatever. If your are interested send me a friend's request! Cajun is my char name, I'll assume that's what will work in the friends search. See you around! Cajun