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  1. EoD worth it

    As in can't buy it, we'll never be downgraded or anything But yeah i heard it was meant to be unavailable from Closed Beta onwards, i also heard they're getting rid of it in Open Beta, but i also heard it'll still be here until full release There's mixed messages coming from everywhere and i can't seem to find any definitive BSG comment on the matter, it's all very confusing and suspicious But i don't mind either way As long as i picked it up before it was gone, it can stay or go whenever it wants You could offer people the ability to BUY a downgrade, BUY a debuff, BUY the ability to kill yourself and lose everything And all they would see is the 'BUY' part and we'll be called P2W Best to let those people live in their bubble of indignity
  2. EoD worth it

    Just can't think of what else DLC for EFT would consist of is all, weapons don't make any sense because of the whole loot and economy and how fleeting weapons are and such, doesn't make sense for paid DLC to exist that bring about the existence of guns. I mean, how could they possibly restrict these guns to only DLC owners? You're gonna lose them if you die, some non-dlc guy is gona pick it up, and then what about being able to buy it again? DLC vender? Again just makes it even more available to non-dlc owners as you can just keep buying and keep losing, plus, you can just trade people your dlc weapons for whatever because it now becomes a bit of a commodity. Like the whole thing for adding weapons in paid dlc, it's not exactly feasible in this game. And i'm not too fond of skins either, but again, i cannot imagine what else could be added as dlc for EFT, it's just not the sort of game i can picture DLC for aside from maybe cosmetic packs or gamemodes/maps or something. Word is going around that EoD goes away at full release aswell, can't trust the grape vine
  3. Delete the Time Limit in Tasks

    Debating the 'premise' of the missions is kinda irrelevant, yes i agree that harvest missions, e.g filling an order for items, it kinda makes sense to have a time limit for the reason specified. But kill missions are ENTIRELY different, nobody's sittin' around waitin' on 20 random scavs to die in the next hour, nobody's coming into the store an hour later goin' "Where the dead scavs i requested? What terrible service!" Edit: Funny little extra bit, the reason a customer wouldn't come in and give a time limit on when they want 20 randoms dead for whatever absurd reason, is because the customer isn't completely retarded and realizes it would be unreasonable and unrealistic to place a deadline on that, they would expect it to be done in a timely fashion, but they're not going to put a deadline on it, and ESPECIALLY not in the 'hours' because again, the customer wouldn't make such an unreasonable request if they actually wanted it done, they would let the professionals handle it as they saw fit knowing it would be dealt with ASAP. EDIT EDIT: Realistically, there should be bonuses for completing the tasks faster, no deadline, no time limit, but if you completed it in an hour, you'd get a bonus, 3 hours, smaller bonus, anything beyond that, no bonus, maybe even a deduction for being late. It would still be a stupid time frame but it would allow for a little more freedom and be far more reasonable/realistic since y'know, nobody's walking into the store an hour later and saying "You didn't kill all 20? Well now you have to start over, you have another hour to try again." because again, that would be stupid.
  4. Delete the Time Limit in Tasks

    Depends on individual playstyle/preference. Some people enjoy that run and gun 'rack up dem killz' way of doing things, and to each their own. But for the rest of us, it's not about difficulty or challenge, it's about a simple time restriction limiting our ability to do things any OTHER way than run and gun 'rack up dem killz', and that's not cool, even if we do manage to do it, it's not fun, it's not enjoyable, because we can't approach the situation in a way that's enjoyable for us, we have to play a very specific way to achieve something so simple which is just stupid. It won't be so bad once we can approach these tasks as a team, gaining quest progress as a team, however even then, this game is phasing out solo play as much as possible, this is intentional, it's a team-based game, and instead of providing benefits for team-play, or simply making it a little more challenging to play solo, they've simply opted to make solo play an unrealistic option, something that's unlikely to be achievable, in many cases, it will actually be impossible (Intentional and officially stated), which is in itself another issue related to timed tasks, they are forcing VERY specific playstyles, run and gun and squad steamroll, the squad steamroll not being a very viable option at the moment means we have 1 option, and for a lot of us, it's a pretty terrible option, it's not enjoyable at all. It's been said before and i'll repeat it here; This is not 'hard', or 'challenging', it's punishing you simply for playing the game. Unless you conform to the VERY SPECIFIC audience that the devs are aiming for, you will be punished, SEVERELY. You shouldn't be punished for having preferences. You would think a PMC could handle a mission in ways other than running through killing everything in sight like a headless chicken with a minigun. Doable does not = acceptable. The issue is not that is impossible, it wouldn't be in the game if it were not possible.
  5. Delete the Time Limit in Tasks

    I wasn't talking in a broad sense, only in the context of our place in the EFT 'testing' process, and it wasn't intended literally, but as a statement regarding how little our opinions seem to matter after the devs have decided on something. And you may wanna stow that 'tude, i was agreeing with you.
  6. EoD worth it

    My assumption is the 'DLC's will likely consist of additional gamemodes/maps, EFT isn't the sort of game where 'weapon packs' make sense. Worst case scenario you're looking at cosmetic packs, weapon skins, armor skins, maybe stuff like that, but i would say that's worst case scenario, most likely will be gamemodes/maps. Biggest advantage is increased stash size + gamma container. I'm told gamma container is accessible already outside of EoD and increased stash size will be available with hideout update; So the only question you need to ask yourself is how much is your time worth? These things will both be accessible through gameplay, but it will take time, if you don't think saving that time is worth the cost, don't bother, but if you think saving that time is worth the cost, just buy it, it all comes down to how much your time is worth (And to a lesser extent how much you want to support the development ;))
  7. Delete the Time Limit in Tasks

    These. We are just here to test, our opinions are irrelevant to the testing process, just shut your mouth, report bugs if they come up. This is our purpose, nothing else will register.
  8. The Punisher Part 6 - Kill 25 BEARS in 3:00 Hour - WORST TASK

    The time limit was previously 1 hour, it was increased to 3 hours. Devs have no interest in removing the time limit, the time restrictions are an 'intended feature' and as such are not open to debate. It is intended to force you to work with a squad (Which i'm told will work properly in future, AKA squad kills bear, counts for all members quest progress) and apparently will tie in nicely with the new 'Story' system when released, they have a plan for it, and the plan is set in stone and unfortunately does not require our approval. If you don't like it, just like the rest of us don't like it, you just have to learn to deal with it, your breath is wasted in speaking out against it, our opinions are not very important once a decision has been made internally.
  9. Huge ammount of hacking lately

    "Huge ammount of desync lately" * "Huge ammount of getting headshot lately" * "Huge ammount of sound bugs lately" * Welcome to Beta testing, the ability to falsely report hackers will be available in due time
  10. How to report cheaters?

    There is currently no way to report other players. Posting reports on the forums is forbidden. The reason for this is that there are many, many... Many.... Different types of 'hack' like things that happen when server desync occurs, simply put, 99% of 'hackers' are completely legit players. Any legitimate hacker will be banned sooner or later, no need to worry about reporting just yet
  11. Looking for friends to play with

    LFG posts are not permitted, please use the 'Clans' section of the forums to find an advertising clan that fits your needs.
  12. When is next wipe

    Overall answer; Unless they have 'BSG' under their name, they are not a 'valid' source, no matter how credible, you must take it with a grain of salt unless they have 'BSG' under their name.
  13. Been through several cleanouts and i haven't played for a bit (Been waiting for December Update lol) so go easy on me. Top empty space is for raid loot, that's where i dump it all to sell. Empty space on the bottom obviously was where there was a bunch of random junk and barter stuff, cleaned it out and left plenty of space for more
  14. Here's the simple truth; Money is pretty easy to come by (Helps to know where to look), but it's even easier to lose. I don't think there's a balance issue. There doesn't need to be some harsh economy when all it takes is a single well-placed bullet to cost you potentially 100s of thousands of rubles worth of gear. EDIT: Let's not forget there's also a 1,000,000 ruble thermal scope coming up soon, talk about a 50k customs run then