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  1. My body is ready. going to be a nice summer day when "Hopefully" this map gets released.
  2. Some cool artwork to lighten the mood even more. Inspired by Phataxe Post.
  3. Heroes of the storm
  4. Yess eveyrbody is coming back to the Forums and the stream is on the way, Feels great man. Been itching to post in this forum for a while. Also good seing you SCRUFFY
  5. Here are my Specs.
  6. Arma 3 Zombie survival mod with Class based system that encourages helping people or killing them. Very nice mod with several diffrents maps and very good mod devs that updates every 2 month. read more at breaking points website.
  7. 26 Sweden
  8. Dirty Bomb. Just Cause 3 and Arma 3 mod Breaking point
  9. Explore the city and try to find new people to help or group up with no matter what happens.