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  1. ohhhh maa gawd - strength soo goodd

    Hatchling juggernaut. We are doomed.
  2. Hello, 4G user here. 4G over WiFi have alot of jitter, an unstable ping. You can reduce it by connecting your computer to your phone with a USB cable, it will reduce some latency. Another big improvement is to buy a 4G router. With it I've multiplied by 3 the bandwith and reduced jitter and latency. This gave me also access to QoS, giving ETF priority to other programs. But in the end, I still have some desync, especially in the evening where people saturate the 4G of the neighborhood with their phone to browse cats and other people life on their phone. Last point: next patch is focusing network optimisation.
  3. Vanishing items

    Thanksfully Prapor will get it back for you, because you have insured it. Oh god tell me you did
  4. So this is what causing framedrops.

    Same as @Big_Joe, ETF use all my threads, around 50% charge. As for my GPU (970GTX OC), it uses the GPU between 60% and 100%. I still didn't managed to pinpoint the bottleneck of my configuration. @Xenome-111, have you checked the load of your VRAM? Have you any heavy filters setted up?
  5. Damn.

    Hello, what a story! First point that can help: pay attention to the desync. Next time, type fps 1 in your game console so you can see if you are in desync (look at 'packet in' value). Second point that can help, did he had any armor under his tactical? A Paca armor can easely eat 30 rounds, especially weak rounds. Next time, aim for the head
  6. Would You Rather.

    When I get invited by friends I can't help myself but open drawers and steal all their keys.
  7. Scavs walking through the door.

    It is a current bug indeed. When you hear a scav behind a door, hide, because he will either insta-breach or insta-open the door and shoot you.
  8. Where to post suspicious player (hackers)?

    Here: Give them your ID, the map you were playing and the exact time, that will help them.
  9. New hack? (possibly?)

    Shame you didn't recorded Devs can find you game session and have a close look at the logs if you gave them the exact time, ID and map you were playing, if you care to make a report.
  10. Shoreline RECON! Pt1 (RP)

    Did the scout run out of RAM?
  11. Most games are just unplayable

    Wow that's some serious desync. Can you type 'fps 1' in your game console and share the screenshot with us? (Its not like you're going anywhere :p)
  12. Most games are just unplayable

    ALT+F4, reconnect and escape.
  13. No honor among scavs

    It's a risk indeed to trust another player, but it doesn't mean you have to let your guard down. Wiggleling is a non-aggression pact, not a special friendship
  14. Any tips to fix lag on certain maps

    Time to dig into the drivers?