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  1. New Forum Feature Update: Reactions!

    This laks of a Cheeki Breeki reaction
  2. Arme qui clignote ? arrêt définitif ?

    Hello @Mahh, Je vois rien de louche ici. Les items qui clignotent sont dû à une desync, qui peut impacter plusieurs personnes à la fois. Des joueurs ont récemment découvert que certaines portes provoquent des desyncs à l'échelle de la session de jeu (tous les joueurs, donc). Tu as le bon réflexe: en cas de desync, soit tu t'extrais, soit tu te cache et tu déco-reco.
  3. I hoped that you got at 3, 4 or 5 speakers per ear/system and a explanation on how your system would simulate more channels. I had bitterness.
  4. Tell me if I'm wrong but... how many speakers are in the 930? How can you add support of more channels if you don't have the material?
  5. Character stuck moving forward

    Same problem. I smash all the keys until the character stops.
  6. Whipe - Upgrade

    La prochaine MaJ arrivera dans 3/4 semaines (source: Interview des devs à la GamesCon) Ils vont probablement wipe l'inventaire à ce moment là.
  7. Countercheating measures

    Thanks for the infos, feels good to read that BattleState is on it Keep doing the good job!
  8. Friends

    There is a EFT discord where you can make some friends Have fun escaping!
  9. Extract Death

    @jhariri, if the desync takes too long, try to quit the game, reconnect and extract. Works everytime, but there will be a couple of minutes where you will be vulnerable. Moreover, the game sometime teleports you to weird places. Good luck escaping the desync.
  10. Launcher crash

    They have probably specifically targeted you as a bully :kappa: When this happens to me, uninstalling the game and re-installing it do the job.
  11. Granade not working in factory

    By any chances, have you a video of this?
  12. Being a scav doesn't mean that another scav won't shoot you Point taken on the non-coop behavior of players scavs. How about not trusting other scavs, avoiding them, or - as I do - mimic AI scavs?
  13. Stuttering/Lagging

    Sounds like you computer struggle getting data on time. What is your drive and the motherboard chipset? It would be interesting monitoring the SSD/HD bandwidth.
  14. Map website

    It is a fine job you did here. Here, take my Makarov.
  15. 120 framerate limit?

    Nice! Care to tell us how you did it?