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  1. Unaccessible SCAVs

    lol, that is the only one I have been able to get to drop. I shot him in the head from the base of the rocks. Backed up from the base until I saw the top of his head
  2. Unaccessible SCAVs

    I took the one off the rocks in Woods and had him fall, Scoped SKS. Not a bravo, but a Zenit Belomo. My buddy still has the gun.
  3. **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    I understand everyone is human, but it seems no one knows how to properly use adjectives. Yourself included, because now I have 3 different stories. Would you like to go through and explain the difference in the 3 adjectives that have been used?
  4. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    TH3MDN#3271 Please verify
  5. Give EOD players priority queuing.

    I am just wondering how many EoD owners think that all their extras will roll over once the game is released. Also, yeah, that would be a greeeeaaaat way for the game to get positive publicity.
  6. Matching...

    get used to it. They keep talking about adding servers, fixing the desynch, the list goes on. It's a beta in name only. If you think about it that way it becomes less bothersome. But of course, then you get irritated by the fact the only reason they call it beta was to get people to buy it, because alphas don't sell so well. You are really going to love it when you are fully kitted out and the screen just goes black because someone shot you... Well, the you that was back on the other side of the map anyway.
  7. Bounty hunters needed - big prizes

    Call me "Dear" again and I will meme the absolute crap out of this topic.
  8. Bounty hunters needed - big prizes

    I will use this thread how I damn well please TYVM
  9. Bounty hunters needed - big prizes

    Do they actually do this stuff? OMG It's a fake army for people who were to afraid to join a real one! You just can't make this up!
  10. infinite matching timer

    Really? I haven't had to wait longer than 3 minutes yesterday and today. Frankly, they have been under server powered from the get go and continue to be that way. My issue right now is desych. I did 3 raids yesterday and died to desynch each time. The game is broke and the devs are masters at lip service.
  11. Scav on Scav violence

    This is why a Karma system is necessary. When scavs shoot scavs, it ruins the game for PMC's because between hatchlings and scav v. scav there is nothing left for them. I was the first person through customs yesterday and a scav had gone through and cleared all of the scavs out. That is not why you are there. You are there to make money and provide a greater challenge to PMC's. But alas, so many poor players in this game amounts to them avoiding any PvP at all costs when their gear is on the line. I am probably going to just uninstall this trainwreck of a game until they get systems to control player actions in place. Shoot a scav as a scav, you can't scav for 24 hours. Do it within 24 hours, no scaving for 72. Do it when you come back 1 week no scavving. Since the influx of the free keys and new purchasers from the holidays, it has been a constant scav war. It is ruining the game, not just from a scav stand point, but from a PMC standpoint also.
  12. Scav on Scav violence

    Well, first of all, there is no reason to shoot any scav when you are a scav. If you are going in as a scav to shoot anything other than PMC's just go in as a PMC. Glad you don't play anymore. Sounds like this game isn't for you.
  13. Scav on Scav violence

    Why do so many of you do this? This is an honest question. Do you just suck so bad as a PMC that this is your only chance to fire a gun and get kills? I just don't understand this. There are only a handful of scavs, and plenty of loot, yet you guys see it necessary to blast people while they loot as a scav. GO SHOOT AT PMC's THAT IS LITTERALLY WHY YOU ARE THERE! I don't think it's going to be the devs that ruin this game, although they will be a close second. It is going to be all the casual crappy fps guys that ruin it for everyone else. Go back to CoD and Battlefront please. Leave the grown up games to the adults.
  14. Dying wihout shooting ?

    It's Desync bro. I literally just lost 100k worth of stuff. It has been a permanent fixture in this game since it's inception. I don't know if the last load test was to figure out how to fix it, or what, but it is infuriating. So, basically, you better get used to it.
  15. **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    Yeah, like maybe Q4 of 2019. I actually lol'd when I saw they were still shooting for 2018. Quite frankly, I don't think open beta should be up for discussion until q3 or 4 this year. Unless they have a totally different build that is further along than what they are giving us, an early 2018 beta is not going to happen without creating casualties among the player base. Hell, I am guessing a very flawed open beta will make the backlash from this load test seem like a walk in the park.