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  1. Recruiting

    I just recently joined a good group of guys who are constantly on and are willing to help people out without even hesitating. Here is a link to discord if you are wanting to join. No submission or anything to join; just be friendly and do not judge those who can barley play:
  2. If anyone is wanting to join a good group of guys here is a link for discord:

  3. For newer players

    It just feels like I am struggling just to keep the gear I have. I hate the idea that if I lose all my gear I have to either SCAV in every 30 min or run with a knife or axe.... I mean poo It wouldnt be such a issue for me to lose all my gear and start from nothing but the SCAV has that bs timer. What do you mean a progression idea? Does that mean I dont have to play with people who out gun and out rank me every time???? poo thatll be nice if so.
  4. For newer players

    I am sure this is a very unpopular idea here. How about keeping the offline mode for those who want to learn the game instead of going balls deep into the game and losing everything in the matter of 4 or 5 rounds. I like the idea of having the offline mode because I am learning the map without being thrown in and expecting to lose every single second. Does anyone else agree with me? Please understand this is for NEW players only, not players who have had countless hours put into the game because lets be honest you will instantly either disagree or give me poo for this idea.
  5. Looking for a clan

    Hey man, I am looking for someone to kinda play with. I just bought a gaming laptop and just bought this game. If you like lets squad up together whenever you're ready.
  6. New Gamer Here

    Thank you both, I appreciate the feedback. I will use both suggestions and execute them in offline practice. Thank you again guys.
  7. New Gamer Here

    This game is a very hard game to pick up let alone a new PC gamer. Its difficult to pick up and play. I try to only use my knife when running as a player because you start off with lack of weapons and materials. you can easily lose all of the gear in prob 3 or 4 runs. Running as a scav is fun but there's a 30 min cool down that, to me, is ridiculous. To the players out there what advise could you give me to be a better player? Thanks PS, I want to be clear I AM NOT COMPLAINING--This is a beautiful game and appreciate the devs for their hard work in this game. I just want to be a better player and learn the game more. I do offline raids just to help me a bit more.