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  1. Older Aged Players Alliance

    ive just PM'ed AODqw97 about a request to be added to the oldies group . let me know what is need in order to start chatting and playing together . looking forward to it . cheers /Pin Puller
  2. "looking for a group" killed upon spawn

    Thanks mate . i enjoy playing with a group .. Cheers
  3. "looking for a group" killed upon spawn

    the first part of your post ..So you are aware of players doing this .. now i know but, still it's sad to see this type of behaviour. I will not be "looking for a group" any longer .. the second part of your post . i have a few friends to play E.T.F . thanks for the reply ! Cheers
  4. "looking for a group" killed upon spawn

    i would " expect " to not be knifed, Dead and my gear raided ! "Common sense" thx for the insult . A more constructive helpful post is what i ask .
  5. HI , i hope this is the correct place . in short . i joined a server looking for a group - received an request , i joined .two players in the group and i was added . we spawned ( us 3 ) and i was knifed immediately by one of the players who invited me . i have screenshots ,time stamps and the names . where do i report this . ? this must be dealt with . sad to see this type of activity. cheers /PIN !