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  1. Now we're talking. This is what a real suggestion looks like. Hes a little bit cocky by saying his ideas are great but at least his are not like some of the dreadful suggestions I've read in this sub forum so far.
  2. As it turned out, it was a very popular idea. When the devs gave disconnected mega streamers, many of whom had no idea what the game was about, the opportunity to showcase EFT on Twitch and YouTube, there was a huge demand for zombies. Devs saw that demand and began having a rethink. I also predicted that many would get bored and move on. Now look at these forums compared to a year ago. You gotta take me very seriously.
  3. So you're the ideas guy? Was expecting a lot more than this. I was told your ideas are good.
  4. This is probably the worst idea I've ever come across in this sub-forum. This is probably the only idea ever that provides a solution to a problem that didn't exist in the first place If you want to split the player base in half, don't do it through providing an option on what time they want to play. Split the player base in half by selling map DLCs. Thats a better idea than this absolute steaming pile of cats urine.
  5. Devs have just got back to me and it's looking promising! They feel that my idea is very smart and are enthusiastic to work with me in making it a success. Expect to see this in development soon
  6. Nice little business idea. Doesn't have to be just EFT, can be a host of other games with an online market as well. Cheers, gonna take this idea and run with it. You get zero share.
  7. Game has taken too long and most who have waited for full beta release have forgotten about this one. Need to start thinking about closing this forum to help cut costs.
  8. The reason why you're not making many sales during these discount seasons is because the game isn't in Beta yet. You'd probably make more sales if the game came into Beta at full price for each edition than these constant discounts during Alpha. Yes the game needs to be ready but people are moving on. Their excitement for the game diminishes with every passing month as new games come out or they begin to forget about EFT.
  9. I got accidentally rejected when I filed my application. Think it was an error.
  10. As the game is still in Alpha, devs are open to feedback. If they found the majority of their player base were huge zombie fans then we could start leaning down that road. You can still have your realism and true to life mechanics but with a pinch of zombies sautéed into the mix. Who knows what direction they're going to take. Zombies = $$$ Im surprised you don't think it's a cool idea.
  11. Quite a few rubbish ideas in here. I don't have much to add but thought of something that could go viral. Don't. Drop that Sherpa Derp Dont drop that Sherpa Derp ehhhhh
  12. I never said you were a noob or a bad player, I just said that they outplayed you. They probably been playing since Wolfenstein 2D and have 3000 hours in CSGO. Its embarrassing for me to say this but if we were to face off in an apartment building or in the car park or in the woods, you'd probably accuse me of hacking. What info did you give to the devs?
  13. YES! Finally some people on this forum agree with me in saying that this should be a zombie game. With enough supporters, devs may begin to implement a softcore version of a zombie game. Like there's a disease outbreak and if you can't keep your immunity strong, don't have a medic as a friend or get bitten then you begin to develop symptoms. It's treatable but difficult to deal with and hampers your ability to fight. If you don't look after your character, one day you'll log in and all of the sudden find that you can't control your own movements, the screen is yellowy and you have acquired the ability to bite people.
  14. Tarkov attracts a certain type of character. One who is willing to risk everything for the promise of valuable loot. The bonus is that Tarkov is I governed and lawless and so this is the perfect place for that type of person who doesn't need to deal with the law.
  15. Yes, drag a friend while he can still shoot, if he can shoot. Just like in Army of Two. You can also strategically place a corpse to lure in the greedy who can't resist checking the dead body for loot. Im not gonna give away too many of my ideas otherwise I might end up getting outplayed by my own ingenuity as others copy me. I really am above all when it comes to outwitting other players.