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  1. Official Trading Thread

    Selling: Factory Key For one or more of these: Documents Bag Gamma container Lots of moneys
  2. Will the game have single player ?

    "You do all raids, and when you get to level 60 you can Freeroam" You also have to become level 60? Where did you get this information? I was very certain you only needed to complete all the raids. And it is not certain yet if the game will be available on console. - From
  3. 20% And Early Buyers + EOD Edition

    Edge of darkness edition is indeed exclusive to early supporters. The project is still in closed alpha phase. Here are 2 quotes saying that the EOD will no longer be available after Alpha testing I don't think anything is planned to give anything special to the really early supporters of the game. Don't quote me on it though. As for the discount, yeah i was pretty sad aswell knowing i could have saved 20-30%. The discount did allow me to convince some frends to buy the game though. Hope this satisfies your question.
  4. Secured Container Upgrade

    "Unique secure container - though other players may get containers large enough to make it seem unsubstantial." I am fairly certain he means 'normal' players cannot reach the 3x3 size. But can get damn near close (2x3, 2x4?). So the difference between that and 3x3 is not that large and could be considered unsubstantial, depending on one's perspective.
  5. Secured Container Upgrade

    I had a thread about this a while ago. I hope this satisfies your answer.
  6. Release in 2017?

    The most recent information to my knowledge about the other phases was from gamescon: closed beta: ??? (Which means in between now and open beta.) open beta: November release: Early 2017
  7. Update on skill details

    Hello there, about 4 months ago a thread was made by the devs about skills. All of the skills were listed and their category they belong to. "At the moment, Escape from Tarkov features the following skills: P.S. the list is not complete and will be updated later." However since then no other word has been said about the matter. Are all skills listed still actual? are new ones added? The reason i ask is because in the screenshot in the thread not all of the skills were in-game yet. I mostly ask this because of the following skills: Trap placement / Mine planting / Explosive devices. Because they indicate whether or not traps and explosives will be implemented. If any player has any information regarding the matter, please share.
  8. Lasting advantages: Edge of Darkness package

    I wouldn't consider a larger secured container or a larger stash as a performance advantage over 'normal' players. It would be more of an advantage of convenience. I Would love to hear the developers themselves about the subject. I am sure other players are wondering about this issue aswell. Do you know how to submit the question to the developers? @TarkovEscaper
  9. Lasting advantages: Edge of Darkness package

    Sounds like im gunna have a good time blasting people. However,would you know anything about the maximum size of the stash and the secured container? Will it be the same for EOD players and 'normal' players?
  10. Lasting advantages: Edge of Darkness package

    Thanks for the reaction, Good point on the secure container part. it does seem that EOD players do have the largest secure container. But agian, will other normal players be able to simply upgrade? As for the DLC's you are right, thats a minimum of 2 'free' DLC's. That does settle my mind a little bit. I do wish BattleState is more clear about the content and usefullness of the pre-purchase packages.
  11. Hey everybody, I bought the Edge of Darkness package a few days ago and im happily awaiting Alpha & Beta. I read the FAQ's and the forum. And found that much of the list of things that the Edge of Darkness package contains are able to be unlocked/purchased ingame. For example the stash size. From my understanding the stash size is 10x20 for new/normal players. However i also read that the player can increase the size of this stash in-game. Won't that mean that the 10x60 stash you get from Edge of Darkness package is but a temporary advanatage? Or are Edge of Darkness owners able to increase it even further? In short: Can anybody tell me what the lasting advantages are of purchasing Edge of Darkness?(not including season pass / Alpha & Beta access). Thanks in advance.