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  1. Make a video where we can see a settings and FPS numbers because this seems like a stupid lie for me. Just defending poor optimalization but why? I have so much better PC than you and i dont get 50-60 FPS and no desync or lag issue (and this game got a really big lag spikes). 60+ FPS with high settings i have only on Factory. Btw.: i7-5820k @ 4,2 GHz, GTX 1080, DDR4 2400 MHz 32GB, Internet Connection 75Mbps/75Mbps, Europe
  2. Inconsistent frames /freezing

    I have $2k rig and it happening to me aswell.
  3. 150 kB/s is high upload speed? So im with my 10MB/s upload speed will get so big disadventage. Dont worry about this. This game got pretty bad net code for everyone right now. After they fix a net code it will be fine.
  4. I dont and i still saw cheater playing after a week i catch him. So anti-cheat is not that brutal like everyone think. Devs need to upgrade their anticheat or allow us to report manual cheaters. And btw.: im ok with only IP / account baning. More money for BSG = more money to the game = more updates, content, fixes etc..
  5. BSG banning only IP adress and account. Not hardware ID, becuase they need money for another copies.
  6. Massive desyncs

    #beta #webelieveinbetteroptimalization
  7. Reshade

    Maybe i can find it here, but about this thing i dont want to find it, i want to ask it. Is reshade bannable? Because i saw some youtube videos using reshade and game looks very nice so i want to start using it too, but i really dont want to get banned.
  8. Today i saw a speedhacker (and maybe a little more, because he kill everyone on the map). If anticheat was good like BSG telling us. He will get a insta ban, because other anticheats can speedhackers and flyhackers ban so easily and fast (anticheat know he mowing fast like not be possible so gg bb insta). i see everywhere we cant report a cheater. Atleast can i post here a video of proof?
  9. Explain to me a spawn system

    Hello, Can somebody explain to me a spawn system? How long PMS's can spawn? How long after raid start is for AI Scavs spawn? When real players can join to raid as a scav? When are happening a scavs spawn waves? When PMS's cant connect to a raid as a scav? Sorry for my english.
  10. DogTags sell prices are a bit much

    This is very bad idea. If they dont change it, they gonna destroy economy system so fast.
  11. +1 if they dont change it they gonna destroy economy.
  12. Scav vs Scav

    Player can play as a Scav and can kill u. If u attack to a Scav, every Scav after that will be hostile agaisnt u. If you playing as a Scan .. AI Scan is friendly to you if you dont attack them.
  13. Yes can confirm this too. Maybe less then before, but it is still there.
  14. No Sound damage/shots bug

    Can confirm this. Happened to me and my friend few times.