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  1. Funny fact in Euro the price of EoD when u pay with paysafecard is About 190euros
  2. avg waiting time?
  3. i got kicked out of a multiplayer raid are the servers beeing patched?
  4. had the same problem just restarted it and it worked for me
  5. GOT IT!!! HAPPYNESS OVER 90000000!!!!!!!!! (bought 28.03)
  6. @TarkovEscaper when will the second wave go of or in which frequenz will they go off?
  7. well it is not legit for sure as they want to go as realistic as possible. they mentioned that before ;D
  8. bought it 25.03.16 ;D
  9. yo
  10. just a couple o' games
  11. when it already looks that good and we can clearly see from the stream and the recent 28 h gameplay why dont you bring out the alpha then? I mean everyone should understand that it wont be a finished game in the alpha and will have certain problems but who cares if they know it will get better. in my opinion bringing it out soon can improve the balance inbetween the weapons and attachments. Its not that i want to push the devs to get it out but i mean we preordered it for more than 100 euros to participate on the alpha (EoD's)... so far we only see the devs playing it (and it looks really nice) if any dev is gonna read this dont hush take your time we all want it to become a huge and awesome game just wanted to say it kinda would help bringing it out inproving step by step... thanks for your interest ;D
  12. Im watching the forum evry day :DD still i want to get this game comin out soon but guys do your job well instead of fast!!!
  13. i dont think that there will be any mods or anything like that included because they want to keep it realistic... sure some guys will rewrite sth in the gamefiles but well its their thing then...[/IMG]
  14. Will there be a Preload before the alpha will be released?