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  1. I am now about to copy/paste and repost into the closed alpha forum section... If you want to close it, I don't mind, but since it has not got any replies I will try again and post it in the Alpha forum (I now have a key!)
  2. Yes I like the idea of the whole character info and current story line progress being synchronized with the web! Maybe a companion app? for mobile devices where you can unlock new documents through a mini-game? And also the app could be used to arrange your stash... trade and so on...
  3. I hope so too! Yes I think that an actual referral mechanic would be the best way of doing it, that way people could refer helpful players to you (the devs) along with a report of how helpful they were and what they did for them! Or maybe, you could offer the option to be a Sherpa to (e.g.) the top 100 players in the whole world. Then it could be a bit like having a Black Division (Contract Wars reference) where only the very best get the best gear for free. It may sound a little unrealistic... - I know but please consider both ideas nonetheless!
  4. Thank you @churchill21 ! If I ever win another key, I will give it straight to you for good sportsmanship! Or it might be called good forumanship...
  5. Ohh dude!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! Much love dude (no homo ) LYLT!!! Also, have a read of this post which I made a few mins ago which covered the unlikely outcome of someone winning a key (although an actual full game key) after already preordering the game a while ago...
  6. Is it only for accounts that have been active for more than (e.g.) 10 days? @MadMcardle I don't mind either way, whatever seems fairest to you, since I have been alive and well for more than 10-40 days on these forums hahahaha
  7. Hi I have an important question that I think only a dev may be able to answer, or someone who had the same issue... -So if I buy myself a preorder package and I want to upgrade, I have already heard that you can pay an 'in-between fee' which is less than buying a whole new copy. -However, what if I have preordered a package, and then I win a whole new preorder package (gift code for a friend) key from a giveaway? What will happen, since I (theoretically) already have my own package, will I lose the value of that since the key was not an upgrade but a whole new pre-order? -Or would you refund the previously bought package for a game key, and then I could redeem the (better package) new key that I won in a giveaway? -Or would my best bet be to make a new account to activate the new better pre-order package key on, so as not to lose the value of my previously bought game in the process of activating a new better edition? I hope you understand what I am asking as I realise that it is a complicated subject. So basically, If I redeem an (e.g.) "EOD" edition that I won in a giveaway, what will happen to the value of my previously bought (e.g.) "Left Behind" edition? Unfortunately, it is not possible to win an upgrade key, since the person giving the key away would have bought a whole new game key, not an upgrade which is cheaper. It would end up being a waste of money (maybe not my money, but somebody else's) if I redeemed a whole new "EOD" game key on top of my lesser edition, when I would much rather make a new account to redeem the nice EOD edition upon, and then give my old account back to the person so they can do a giveaway with that instead. Please tell me how it all works and what my best course of action would be in case this scenario did happen - Hopefully this might help someone else who ends up with my predicted issue...
  8. Yeah I agree, would be a good thing to have Certainly would be realistic!
  9. Please enter me! Thank you for being so kind and doing this!
  10. I think that PVE mode would be good, as a replacement of the offline mode. It should be different to the shooting range confirmed mode. It should be that you receive a quest from a trader that there is an area with lots of loot that he / she wants you to go and extract for them, so you kill the AI (not ia) and take the loot from the location and then (without a choice) you have to give it to the trader. Now the trader would then level up your loyalty with him / her. Or give pay you for completing the quest for them.
  11. Great idea! I like the idea of the 'radial'. You had me wondering what a radial was at first lol. But then I remembered you must mean a circle! So 'X' sounds good. I presume you propose to use the arrow keys, because then you don't have to take you hand off the mouse? - would be handy (aha) in intense friend or foe moments as an easy way of navigating the gestures whilst still being ready in case they decide to shoot you.
  12. he posted it 2016-1-17 They may not have been in the game at that time...
  13. haha yeah I agree, this is a warzone where hardcore is the only core. However, on a more lighter note, I do agree with @anttaresnova, it would be nice to know whose gun you have, whether you have bought it from a trader, the flea market, or you have killed a player who had it on them. Obviously if you bought it on the flea market you would know who you bought it from. But it could be a way to determine who the original first owner was. And also, if you kept on killing a certain player, the only way you would know that it was the same guy, over and over again, would be if he had named his guns. You might then inspect his guns in your stash, and you guiltily realise, so you then find him on the forums or in-game and say sorry. Maybe if you are feeling really kind you give him his gun back through a one-way flea market trade. I don't know... It's a nice idea. But maybe the name should wear off over time, or it is easy to remove a name or put your own name on it. Maybe this could be like insurance, when you buy insurance for weapons, you get your name written on your gun for however long the insurance is bought for. Then whoever kills you, or whoever ends up taking your gun; They can either keep it, or... They can hand it in to the trader you bought it from, and because the trader wants to maintain their reputation as a good insurance provider, they would offer a tasty price or reward so that they can give it back to the original owner and fulfil the insurance contract! It could be complicated, or it could just be a simple thing where anyone can easily buy a name tagging service from a trader. You could rename a gun just like that. But it would still be nice to know who you killed. Or maybe each PMC could just be wearing their dogtags. That would fit in nicely with the lore.
  14. Fair enough I see what you mean, It should be obtainable for all. But only for the very best! Obviously IRL nobody likes elitism, but this is Tarkov, a destabilised war zone. It should just be EFT's equivalent of esports, (like in csgo) super competitive to get Black Division Ranking, but as part of Black Divison, you get made available to esports teams who need players. Perks of being in an esport team and being in Black Division would be free gear and in-game money each week!
  15. I agree There is an official thread for suggesting new models and variants though.