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  1. Plz.. Fence mobile app

    Perhaps they could give the neccesary resources to one of us. I'm sure there must be somebody in the EFT community who has developed a mobile app before. Although, they would have to make sure that this person is trustworthy. But I don't see a problem with giving the community certain challenges or IRL tasks that would be given a reward...
  2. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    LOL I DUNNO maybe you could make it UN-INSURABLE!!!??
  3. Soon! The Kill list!

    Perhaps in the future there could be a bounty list where players set bounties upon a bunch of players from a certain clan? Then we could create our own clan wars...,
  4. Operator faction HQ + Reputation consequences

    I really like this idea, but I feel like the game may avoid this because the whole concept / storyline points to the fact that the PMC's have lost contact with command... However, it still seems possible. It would be nice if Devs actually replied to these suggestions...
  5. Shoreline RECON! Pt1 (RP)

    I just love how all of @Colonel Twerkins posts are always 'in character'. The role playing is quite fun to read!
  6. New Pistols: SR1M Gyrza & APS

    " Q: What about exclusives such as VAL mod.3 and TKPD? A: VAL mod. 3 is essentially just a bodykit: handguard, shortened barrel, modified stock and grip. Nothing prevents players from customizing VAL to get mod. 3 eventually. Same thing with TKPD. Some traders might sell already already assembled options. "
  7. New Pistols: SR1M Gyrza & APS

    Ahh yes the Noveske, That video looks like it was filmed before they added weapon customization (because the aimpoint has no spacer mount), So respect for you for being able to complete the weapon task, I never managed to LOL. I always remember that a suppressed Noveske was really quite OP in skilled hands. But yeah, I would love to see a Noveske in EFT, along with those Desert Tech guns that you mentioned. It would be great to see the CQB MK18 full auto EBR and of course the sniper single shot EBR... But it would be really awesome to be able to make an AS VAL mod.3, I heard Nikita say that the Mod.3 probably won't be a gun, but a modification kit...
  8. The register sound when trading is just wrong

    Maybe we should receive a little bit of exp for trading. Then we could hear the sound of exp being rewarded. However, I don't really mind the sound how it is at the moment.
  9. Errormessages ingame

    If you want to report something, go to the launcher, click on your profile, click report bug, click add files (to add the screencaps)
  10. I would like to know if we will receive our "Better standing with traders" along with these new bonuses. That really needs to be added into the game.
  11. We are creating a professional short film about Tarkov

    How goes the production?
  12. A End Game Puropose?

    Yes, I want a leaderboard which shows who has the most kills, the most deaths, the best K/D ratio, who has the best extraction rate, who has stolen the most dogtags... Then maybe the Devs could implement something called "Black Division" (from Contract Wars) which is an elite group of soldiers (PMC's). This group could be for the top 100 players on the leaderboard. THERE SHOULD BE A BLACK DIVISION FOR USEC AND BEAR - one each The benefits of this group could be that you could get given daily rewards and daily tasks, you would be part of an elite group, so traders would give you maximum reputation, so you would get good gear and good prices from all the traders... But then to make this fair to other players, both USEC and BEAR would not be happy that there are people who get payed more than them when they all expose themselves to the same level of risk. So normal USEC's and normal BEAR's would have a bit of grudge against the BLACK DIVISION players in their same faction so they would try to kill them if they ever got the chance. This is where Karma system would play an interesting role.
  13. Suggestion for preorder tiers and rewards

    I would be very happy with the idea of giving daily or weekly rewards to people who preordered the game. I preordered the Prepare For Escape edition and I would not feel like people who bought the Edge of Darkness edition would have a 'Pay2Win' style of advantage over me. This is because winning gunfights in EFT is based on skill. You do not NEED high end gear to beat your opponents. So perhaps we could receive something in the style of a loot crate. Completely random, just like the in-raid ones we have at the moment. I do understand however, that this encourages the idea of microtransactions. And no one (me included) thinks those would be a good idea. But it could also be a thing that you might receive as a reward for completing a quest of levelling up your character. So EOD owners could receive one fort armour and helmet every two weeks, or one AS val a month... And less valuable items could be given to the lower tier preorder owners...
  14. A sneak peek into the Battle State Games Studio

    Did you visit the studio too?
  15. Karma isn't gonna cut it.

    We don't know the final details... However, I feel that once VoIP if enabled in-game, then KOS will reduce a little bit, and then if there are positive effects for helping your own faction and killing the other faction, AND negative effect effects for killing your own faction, then overall this should reduce KOS to just a few random players. I would be fine with just a few KOS'ing players. But I feel like we really should just wait and see as to what impact VoIP and Karma has on the gameplay. Remember, KOS is only really problem in games like Dayz, but Tarkov is a combat based game, whereas Dayz is a survival game. (Or supposed to be) so KOS shouldn't really be ever seen as a massive problem... Especially not in Tarkov, unless the Devs change their stance on how it should be played. Again, lets just enjoy ourselves for now and then probably half of us will get proved wrong and Karma will work different to what we expected.