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  1. Suggestion for preorder tiers and rewards

    I would be very happy with the idea of giving daily or weekly rewards to people who preordered the game. I preordered the Prepare For Escape edition and I would not feel like people who bought the Edge of Darkness edition would have a 'Pay2Win' style of advantage over me. This is because winning gunfights in EFT is based on skill. You do not NEED high end gear to beat your opponents. So perhaps we could receive something in the style of a loot crate. Completely random, just like the in-raid ones we have at the moment. I do understand however, that this encourages the idea of microtransactions. And no one (me included) thinks those would be a good idea. But it could also be a thing that you might receive as a reward for completing a quest of levelling up your character. So EOD owners could receive one fort armour and helmet every two weeks, or one AS val a month... And less valuable items could be given to the lower tier preorder owners...
  2. A sneak peek into the Battle State Games Studio

    Did you visit the studio too?
  3. Karma isn't gonna cut it.

    We don't know the final details... However, I feel that once VoIP if enabled in-game, then KOS will reduce a little bit, and then if there are positive effects for helping your own faction and killing the other faction, AND negative effect effects for killing your own faction, then overall this should reduce KOS to just a few random players. I would be fine with just a few KOS'ing players. But I feel like we really should just wait and see as to what impact VoIP and Karma has on the gameplay. Remember, KOS is only really problem in games like Dayz, but Tarkov is a combat based game, whereas Dayz is a survival game. (Or supposed to be) so KOS shouldn't really be ever seen as a massive problem... Especially not in Tarkov, unless the Devs change their stance on how it should be played. Again, lets just enjoy ourselves for now and then probably half of us will get proved wrong and Karma will work different to what we expected.
  4. Yeah, I agree But it should not become the focus of attention. But there should be faction specific quests which are designed to interfere with each other!
  5. I have a really cool idea for how clans could work

    Maybe if it was made so that once you complete a quest, and you get given increased trader reputation, then maybe you could choose to donate a portion of that reputation to your clan's reputation with that trader. Or we could have quests for the whole clan to complete... like eliminate another clan or kill every scav on woods for example
  6. Handover gear ingame animation for team members

    +9000 amazing idea Yeah I dropped a backpack to my teammate after he gave me some drum mags and I gave him a gold chain in return, but it went through the floor. So don't look at the floor when you drop something because you will most likely lose it - look up in the air!
  7. Remove Physical Money (Replace with Digital Money)

    Yeah, I think that the cash should still stay how it is in the inventory, but we do need better storage containers for things like money. Also ammo boxes should be easy to get hold of too!
  8. Please consider reducing AI difficulty.

    I have heard that the AI are harder in offline mode.... So practising against them is probably the best practice you can get for both PVP and PVE in online mode
  9. Yeah sure why not. At least SCAVS should be spawning with stuff like this rather than fort and kiver
  10. I think that the plate carrier / chest rig system needs to be properly implemented first
  11. Please add the option to make grenade throwing double click G!
  12. Your suggestions

    The EBR is quite soon in development! woohoo!
  13. Reflex-/Holographic Sights

    At the end of the day, what advantage other than peripheral realism do we gain from having the aiming slightly transparent. Considering we already use two eyes to look at our screen and the red dot is positioned in the center of the screen when aiming... But I wouldn't mind at all if this was to be implemented
  14. Saiga 12 gauge ProMag magazines

    lol, dude that 12 round mag, clearly shows at least 20 shells loaded inside it...
  15. Perhaps, if you do not collect the items in time, you get 90% of their monetary value as if you had simply sold those items to the trader, instead of insuring them. This number, e.g. 90% would slowly decrease until 50%, depending on how long you leave it since the initial collection time for the actual items themselves. So it could start off with a timer of 2 days to collect the items from insurance. If you go to collect them after 3 days, then you only get 90% of their value in cash. Then if you leave it for 4 days, then you get 80% value in cash. Then so on, 5 days = 70%, 6 days = 60% then 7 days = 50%. Then if you leave it longer than a whole week without collecting your items / money, then you would lose it all.# What do you all think?