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  1. "New Trader" well I can confirm that there has been a new trader added already in the latest Alpha patch!!! UN Peacekeeper is his name.
  2. Awesome, thanks for all the info guys! p.s. It flatters me to see my own exact questions being answered, cheers! haha
  3. Yes I totally agree, I hope that that this gets considered. Nice idea mate!
  4. I think they have confirmed that there will be multiple characters. I think you have three main characters (who are affected by karma and such) and then there is scav mode. Please correct me i'm wrong somebody. So you will be able to wait for the injured character to heal, and play with your next PMC character in the mean time I hope. I can only hope they make it like this. The pictures seem to suggest that there will be beds, sofas, places to rest and a medical bay. I guess it would make sense if really bad injuries required someone else to treat you.
  5. I have some questions and suggestions. (Firstly, this amazes me so much, as I had not thought of the player having his own individual hideout!) - Will there be a large scale clan hideout, where the clan can use its funds (donated by members) to upgrade the hideout, if so, would this hideout have the possibility of being placed outside, not underground? - Maybe then the clan could have access to a long range shooting range. Maybe a large clearing in a forest. - In order to increase strength, I would like to see our character actually have to upgrade his hideout to include weights, a benchpress etc... And then it would be really immersive if we actually had to make him follow a visual training plan. (same thing with getting more accurate and better at decreasing recoil when practising at the shooting range) So it would be good if we actually had to press one button 50 times a day, 4 times a week (with a visual animation of the exercise) so that we can get our weekly 200 press-ups and then we might be better at, say, advanced movement when climbing up obstacles. - Will there be a community hideout where there is only one per free roam server, which might have rules; "No killing inside, no firing weapons." So maybe all players will learn where it is, and then this could become the basis for the flea market? There could be a boxing ring where people could bet, and then if they want to 'take it outside' (to get more violent, everyone could start spectating and betting on the two players fighting it out in Arena mode. Like safe zones or trader bases in some Dayz servers. - Will our hideouts be part of free roam mode? - So will we be able to find other player's hideouts within the map/server ? - How will the storage system work? So there will be near limitless space on the floor, but our stash for gear is only the size of the current main menu stash? How will this be 'realistic' ? Furthermore, will separate item classes have their own containers? Weapon crates or weapon racks, then fridges for food and water and refrigerators for keeping medicines cool, clothes racks, a rack to hang up all our body armour? - the list goes on... - Will we be able to invite our friends over to our hideout, say before and after a raid has finished (I think that everyone would love this to be a feature!) or just in general for a party or for training drills. - Will other people or scavs be able to attack our hideout. - If raiding / attacking hideouts will be a possibility, in order to attack other hideouts, will we first have to make our hideout open to other people, I think this could work very well so that only those who want to make their hideout vulnerable can attack other people's hideouts. - With the firing range, will we have to use ear protectors, since it is indoors? I'm sure that this will be the case - just asking... - I saw a tire resting against a wall in a large space. There is also batteries in game, and there seemed to be car parts laying on a shelf, does this mean we will be able to maintain a vehicle in our hideout? -(maybe the clan hideout could have a large garage.)- - - I think we would all appreciate more news or confirmation about vehicles. (Personally, I would love functional vehicles in Tarkov) - How do we 'unlock' the hideout, do we find a large empty bunker in game? Or do we buy it from a trader? - Will the hideout become the new main menu? When launching the game will we be placed into the menu, or into our hideout? yes long read I am sorry, but I am very interested about what the hideout has to offer... - Traders; Will we have to use the computer or the laptop (as seen in the pictures ) to communicate to traders? Then how will our items be delivered to us? - Services; Will we be able to buy a service which replenishes all of our magazines with fresh ammo, installs new targets in the range and clears up all the bullet casings, repairs our armour, repairs and cleans our guns and heals all of our characters? - I remember hearing that we will be able to have multiple characters who all contribute to our stash. I have a big question here; In order to accommodate (with realism being the object / aim) our multiple characters, will we first have to buy and upgrade the dormitory section of our hideout. So would we have to buy our first bed in order to be able to use the hideout for our first character, and then if we wanted to have more characters, would we have to buy more beds. When using one character, it would be cool to visit our hideout and see all of our other characters asleep on their respective beds. - If one of our characters sustained serious injuries whilst in battle, I feel like it would be very realistic if we had to spend time with our other character to heal the injured guy so that we can play with him again. This would allow for learning enhanced medical skills. Personal art; Will we be able to upload or paint our own images onto canvas or frames, in order to hang them up on a wall. How extensive will the customization of our hideout be? Can we buy 20 desks from a trader, just for the sake of it? Will there be precise object placement within the respective zones of different purposes. So can we choose where we place each of the targets within our shooting range, or is everything going to be a set template which we cannot alter? . Thank you for reading this far, I hope I have not broken any rules by posting such a long reply haha. I only wrote most of it bold so that I can ask the main question and then explain what I mean in more detail using non-bold. We all look forward to seeing this in-game!!
  6. Yeah, I like the idea! Shame is though, alot of people will immediately join the crowd and think / say something like "This is a hardcore game, you got the wrong game - go play CSGO or rainbow six seige, blah blah blah" I doubt the devs will include it in full release though since they already have their main modes planned. There is a possibility that it might be included under the idea of 'side quests' (which are confirmed), imagine that a trader wants you to get a delivery or a piece of intel for him which has been stolen and hidden in a building and he tells you that there might be hostiles defending it. (If it was intel then it might be for then benefit of the players in-game faction USEC or BEAR) But I love the idea, since I think it really fits the context of EFT.
  7. I hope that the max player count for this raid can be increased to something like 15-20, since it looks to a really awesome large map.
  8. I absolutely adore this idea of yours! It is truly the best idea that I have come across on these forums. It is clear that you have put alot of time and effort into thinking of this and writing it up for us to read. I really hope that the devs of EFT see this thread and reward you with something special. I would be extremely surprised if they did not choose to implement at least some of your well though idea into their game. My only constructive criticism would be; -It seems like it would be a very long task to buy and upgrade one of these forward operating bases. And it seems like most players after full game release would be looting in free roam and PVP'ing. There is a bad possibility that lots of clans would create these FOB's and then they would see little use because they would just become integrated into part of the server / map, without any ownership because everyone would know about them, and it would just become another scenic addition. Constant fighting over it might become stale, because who in their right mind would put their valuable loot into a base that has the possibility of being taken over by other clans or well skilled players. - My suggestion would be that only the top 3 clans on each server (free roam mode, of course) would be allowed to build FOB's. This way, each clan would have to build reputation, with both traders and other players on that server (presuming there will be a server list, maybe a bit like Dayz). So when a clan reaches the maximum level with a trader, the trader starts selling them land on the map for their server (the server that the clan mainly plays on). So the clan buys this land and buys the building supplies from the trader and they build their FOB. - "How would this prevent FOB's becoming a stale gameplay objective?" So now that the FOB has a reputation of being owned by the best clan on the server, the players will always have it in the back of their mind that they will want to attempt to raid that FOB and take good loot. My idea would be that in order for the FOB to become 'open', the clan leader would have to be in the server. In order to keep ownership of their clans FOB from the trader, the clan leader has to play in the server at least 4 times a week. Now in order to keep the idea of FOB's becoming something too tedious to be worth having, a clan would only be able to get the best deals and services and equipment from a trader once they have bought a FOB from them. SO there would be a hidden max level of loyalty with a trader that the clan can only achieve once they bought a FOB from the trader and once they keep it active. Now only when the clan leader is in the server, the clan members are allowed into their base to swap and exchange gear with one another. However, other players in the server might have guessed which trader the FOB was purchased from and might have payed the trader for secret intel as to when the FOB is open. Now the clan members would know that as soon as they are inside their FOB, it will be a target / side quest for everybody else to attempt to raid loot from. But loot has to be stored in the FOB in an in-game stash which is accessible to whoever is inside the FOB. Now clan members can choose to spawn into their FOB (only if their leader is in the server with them) but other players cannot spawn into another clans FOB) Now to avoid this becoming a stale common occurence which doesn't add anything to the game play, there would be a few main things that make it unique ( I will attempt to summarise everything again) -Only max 3 clans per server get to buy FOB from traders (only the top clans in terms of ranking / exp / KDR) -Nobody can access the FOB unless the clan leader of that FOB is in game (furthermore, there would be a 30 minute cool down after the clan leader leaves where the FOB is still accessible for defense or attack. This way, the clan leader couldn't just leave the server whenever his base -Everyone in the server would be able to know when the FOB is open. Either through being in the clan, or paying the trader for info. -The top three clans can only buy an FOB from a trader once they reach max loyalty rank with them. -There would be more equipment and services available from the trader once buying an FOB, so clans would want to buy one and then get to a 'hidden max level.' So there would be benefits only available to themselves. (This way there is a point to purchasing an FOB or FOS as you call it) -These FOB's would be really rare, and clans would probably only be able to acquire them after 2-3 months of constant playing in a specific server and only once they achieved max loyalty with a specific trader. SO OVERALL: For the FOB to active with available loot to raid by other players in the server, or to be available for the clan members whose leader owns the FOB so that they can exchange loot within their clan stash, (for these things to be available) the clan leader has to be playing in the server. If they are not active in the server, say for at least one hour 3 times a week, then they will get a warning from the trader that they bought their FOB from, saying that they will lose ownership of / be evicted from the FOB. And if the clan leader does not take heed of this warning and he does not continue to play (maybe if he genuinely can't find the time, then he can give leadership to another member) then the clan will no longer have access to the rare FOB. Perhaps the trader will put it up for auction in the market for alot of roubles but as an easy way to get an FOB as a new clan on that server. But these FOB or FOS's would have to be super rare to purchase, and they would have to have benefits for all players, not just clan members. Otherwise, they really would become a stale gameplay feature which will have been a waste of development time. I also doubt that something this huge would come into the game, especially not at full release, let alone open beta (though it would be awesome!). I imagine that if the devs did support this idea of yours, that they would make it a DLC. As it would bring a whole new element to how the game plays. BUT, I really like this idea of yours and I appreciate the effort that you have put into typing out your above posts, they are very detailed and interesting. Thank you for your service to the community. I also really hope that the devs reward you for thinking of such a great idea! Please ask me if my post was not clear on any areas, I hope that everyone can understand my suggestion / criticism... P.S, would you mind taking a look at two other threads which suggest great ideas. One of them started by myself. Cheers!
  9. Nice house dude, I don't have any serious suggestions sorry. But you might want to shoot the all the lights to get the full immersion
  10. Yes I have had success in linking my CW account. However, I could already play fine through the in-browser client. I think that the people who could not manage to link their accounts are struggling because they cannot get to their in game settings with the account link button. That is how I did it. You have to go to in browser version and click on settings and click link account of whatever it is called, and then it will have your account linked already on the CW official website where you have to signup from there. So it links you to the website through your in game settings. So you are stuck if you don't either have a working browser or the right version of Firefox to play the game, since you need to be in-game through browser version to link your social network CW account to an official CW account. Seems silly but it works for me.
  11. I imagine that there are some people who played Contract Wars and who also love EFT. I want to make an EFT inspired Contract Wars video! My idea is that 6- 10 of us get together (If you have played contract wars to around level 59~) You have to be above level 40 to play hardcore mode anyway... At least 3 people play as BEAR At least 3 people play as USEC -The USEC players equip weapons like M4, MP5SD acog, MPX, P226. (Guns which are already, or confirmed to be, in EFT) -The BEAR players equip gun like AKMS, RPK, Grach, TT, Saiga, Kedr, AS Val, Vintorez, Vityaz... (Guns which are already, or confirmed to be, in EFT) NO CAMOS ON CHARACTER OR WEAPONS! -We all play on the Base map, since IMO it is the map that represents EFT the best. -We play on a hardcore team elimination server, we all set our interface / hud to be turned off (To best mimic EFT -You get the idea) -And we all record gameplay (ideally all running maximum graphical settings) -We try to play in the style of the very first gameplay trailer of Escape From Tarkov (EFT) that was released. -Meaning, the USEC are already positioned in the map, and the BEAR operators arrive as a group and split up, get killed by USEC, kill USEC and eventually there is just one BEAR operator left... I feel like this would work really well. As soon as one of us died we would not respawn and probably stop recording or go into spectator mode of the whole map, for cinematic shots. Now, I have never made a gameplay video in my life! - I just know that there are content creators out there who would benefit from a well organized gameplay video in the style of EFT, only that it would be made through Contract Wars gameplay. -So we would all send our recordings to whoever wanted to put the effort in and make the video Obviously, whoever ended up making the video would have to state in the description that this is not leaked gameplay of new EFT guns or a new map, and that it is just CW. They'd have to make it clear that it isn't an official video! Please only reply if you are interested and not if you just 'don't agree with the idea.' However if BSG don't like the idea of a gameplay style video that mimics their own game, then I'm sure we can discuss that. BUT PLEASE REPLY IF INTERESTED!!! (THE images below are ones of Base map that I found off of google, when I have time I will showcase my own high res - high settings screenshots of Base map, so that I can prove to everyone why the video should be recorded on this map!) OR Or we could play on Terminal 2 map, although it is less beautiful... (Terminal 2 seems like it will be part of the Terminal raid map from EFT)
  12. Now you don't need to have Unity web player to play in browser, because there is now a standalone client!!! It's all free! Maybe people who are interested in the possible weapons coming to Tarkov might find it helpful to play some Contract Wars. (though you will have to level up and pay real money (p2w) to get access to cool guns like MPX and AK12 and other guns - shame) I heard somewhere on these forums that most guns from CW will be coming to EFT!
  13. Yes I agree, I too would like to be able to fire a stationary machine gun. I am also curious ( I think I understood this right ) about the APC and its cannon, and would this mean that it might turn out to be possible to drive an APC if we can already get inside and shoot the cannon? And I would definitely love to see driveable vehicles, maybe a 4x4 or a dirt bike.
  14. Can you explain what you mean by "Camouflage Cloak" is it just a literal cloak coloured in camo style right? I only ask because I remember hearing that the Ghillie suit is confirmed not to be in game> or is this going to change? Either way, this was a great read, thank you for taking the time to type it all out!
  15. I was thinking that the Bounty mechanic should be implemented into the free roam mode, where the players will have already completed all raids (in order to unlock free roam,) and their reputation and ranking in the server (presuming we will be able to make our own servers) will be known by all players in the server. I would that on the free roam server selection screen, their would be a drop down menu for that particular server which would notify all players of who had a bounty on their head, what their dogtags / ID look like, and any other information given by whoever posted the bounty - along with the stated reward. You are right, in the raid mode, a bounty thing would seem kinda pointless.