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  1. Yes! And lets hope that EARLIER means BEFORE somebody.
  2. Now i get it thank you
  3. Are you stupid? i didint complain about that i didint get alpha key cause i have left behind edition. I complained how someone who gets pre orders after me same edition as i gets in to the alpha and they say that earlier pre orders have higher chance
  4. Tell me what is this then? and why guys who pre ordee same edition as me but in sale gets into alpha as soon as they buy it?
  5. Pre order chances are who bougth first as i undestand them. and why won you read what this topic says what blaacbird posted. it clearly states that earlier pre orders have higer chance
  6. I KNOW! i know if i have been picked to the alpha or not i know that i have a chance but why dont you people read the real problem! How does guys who pre order at the sale have bigger chance getting in than me? if the order same edition as me? and READ MY OTHER POSTS AT THIS THREAD SO YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT
  7. YEA! what the **** is going on? and nobody listens to us. @Blackb1rd has not replied to my message about this. But could @kwahamoT tell why is this?? I feel scammed about this game. Like at least if guys who buy at sale have that big of chance getting in what it is about us early pre-orders then we should have guaranteed acces. (at least higher chance to get in) And yet @Blackb1rd stated (again): "The chance of being picked for the testing is higher with those who pre-ordered early." We want answers!
  8. Same thing here Yea this again. I got mine in April and guys who buy in holiday sales get in right away.
  9. Still no anserws
  10. Ill be patient and wait. Happy new year too
  11. Well yeah that is true. I did not think about that
  12. I even messaged one of the devs about this and i got ignored
  13. And i would like if they would inform us about the alpha key thing. Cause @Blackb1rdsaid that "Earlier pre orders have higer chance to get in alpha" and now at least 4 other left behind owner pre ordered yesterday and got in to alpha and we early pre-orders dont. So its like "we promise that if we give you three guys this item you in the rigth will get it first!" and then the left one got the item. So please more info. (i know its like my 6th time complaining but it still makes me salty)
  14. i think they want to give keys to people who pre order left behind or prepare for escape who bought it today and yesterday. They told that earlier pre orders would have higer chance but read my other posts in this topic and you understand what im talking about.
  15. Yea and this is also something that i dont get. People who buy at this discount a left behind edition get strait into alpha but guys like me who pre-ordered 8 months ago we still dont get in and we paid like 70€ for this and guys who pay 30-50€ today get straight into alpha. And the earlier you buy the more chance to get in i tougth?? So what is going on?