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  1. This game is impossible

    1. Each weapon has a specific ammo type like in real life you cannot put a .50 cal bullet in a pistol for obvious reasons 2. It says it right there on the insurance that your gear will be returned IF AND ONLY IF it is not taken out of the raid by someone. 3. You can always reset your account if you had a reeeeaaaaallllyyyy bad start 4.Bring a gun next time 5.Hatchet runs are not the idea of the game, but if you want to make 50-60 k without risk its a good strategy I dont see your problem. 6. When you start the game you are greeted with a message explaining just that "you will die, you will lose everything" this is not call of duty. Honestly, the problems here can be fixed by playing the game and actually getting better at shooters/FPS games. Im probably worse than average at shooters even though i play a lot and i have made over 4 million in 2 weeks, and I never go in a raid without gear.Give it a shot again its harsh but its rewarding.If you need any help feel free to ask the community is absolutely amazing ( when they are not complaining about desync and fps drops).
  2. [HELP] FPS Issues

    Its not you guys, its the game, just wait for the devs to optimize it Ive been playing for 2 weeks and there is a thread like this every day just look. I have exactly the same fps as you said except it shoreline is more like 40 to 11 fps with the specs below.
  3. The mysterious key

    Hello I recently found the "Weapons safe key" and went to every safe in the game on offline to see where it goes, no luck, anyone found the safe yet?
  4. Keys

    Just saw this and Im lvl 25 while my perception is lvl 46. Also my attention is lvl 7 and i found the customs key on attention 6 i think. It took me about 20-30 hatchet runs on customs start cabinets but i got it. BTW if you just click on the bodies no need to loot you still get the xp.
  5. Give EOD players priority queuing.

    HENLO IM 12 - the post
  6. Storage is crap

    Thanks man, sorry if it was a noob question I couldnt find anything.
  7. Storage is crap

    Hey guys, let me start by saying i just bought the starter edition and im loving the game. I just want to know if there is going to be a way to expand storage in the future,Im a student and dont have 100 euro for the large stash edition, and after every raid i have to sell everything. I dont mind other people having more storage and i get the idea of supporting the developers. Even if its a hard questline I dont mind, but knowing that the only way to increase it is to pay money is demoralizing. Also if a developer is reading this thank you for actually making good games in this shitty time of microtransactions and anti-consumer practices.
  8. Ghost killers (spooky)

    I`ve been playing for a few days now and every so often I would get killed in 4-5 seconds as if someone is shooting me but there is no sound or flashes. Just a few minutes ago it happened while I was inside the last warehouse in customs, before i just assumed i was getting shot by a sniper with a suppressor from far away. There was no way I wouldnt have heard the shots or ricochets. Are these hackers or something?
  9. Will there be graphical updates?

    How are you getting that high fps im with an 960m 4gb and im playing 30-50 on customs not even on 1920x1080. Am i doing something wrong everything is on low