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  1. @Game_Tarkov it's not the official account.
  2. This website doesn't have a French translation On our website we propose all the content in french. The news, forums, "preorder" and "about" pages etc. for ease of use of a french user. All links are redirecting to this website. For example if an user click on the preorder button on the fr website, he's redirecting in the preorder page on this website.
  3. Yes but it's a french team who make the website. We tried to keep the same design, fonctionality etc.
  4. Hi, Yes indeed we created a French site for the game. We translate all the content of this website (news, forums, etc.). We want promote Escape From Tarkov in France (All the people who speak French), we've created many publicity and added 500$ for adwords and facebook advertising. Example : Of course, if the developers can do something on this site, that would be nice but not essential. Have fun
  5. For the french users, we've created a french website for Escape From Tarkov :

    Pour les utilisateurs français, nous avons créer un site français pour Escape From Tarkov :

  6. Thank you guys !!! Yes, it's right ^^ And thank you
  7. Hi all ! I've created a Gameplay Trailer for fun Have fun !