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  1. Older Aged Players Alliance

    Pay Rise:

  3. Discord is exploding?

    Yes Discord is now back up as of 23.05. GMT U.K.
  4. Older Aged Players Alliance

    @Seriez Please check you latest P.M. New invite sent for OAPA Discord
  5. Bear Boots Manufacturer RL?

    Check this
  6. Older Aged Players Alliance

    @Q-Ball7913 P.M. sent to you.
  7. Older Aged Players Alliance

    For any New 40+ applicants who have received a P.M. with a Discord Invite to [OAPA] Older Aged Players Alliance and it has expired please let us know here or by P.M. We will resend a new valid invite.
  8. Cheaters

    @dopeboyfre5hThere are some desync issues on the servers and the developers are constantly working on them server side with fixes. The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov: Anti-cheat • Anti-cheat operates on the client level, you can even add Skype, and in addition to everything else, it will track macros as well. • There will be no spectators or patrols, the possibility of spectators tipping off their comrades contradicts the concept of the game and, most importantly, there is no need in that, because the system tracks 100% of cheaters and works with zero level of mistakes. Only at the system deployment, we have encountered several errors, consecutively refining it to become completely trouble-free. • It is possible that we will add an ability to report cheaters. • For each violation there is evidence, and if someone decides to sue us, this evidence will be presented to the Court, after which the plaintiff will be held liable to pay the legal expenses. • At the moment, the anti-cheat collects information, which is reviewed before setting bans; later, after testing and tuning the system, bans will become automatic. Anti-Cheat is active and has been for some time.
  9. Gamestop gift card

    Check this link here first and save some money with Black Friday Sale / Discount: You may even be able to afford the: Edge of Darkness Limited Edition.
  10. Older Aged Players Alliance

    @WOOLYMAMMOTH P.M. sent to you
  11. Older Aged Players Alliance

    @five_oh_gold P.M. sent to you. @DRIZTT P.M. sent to you.
  12. Older Aged Players Alliance

    @UfoMammut P.M. sent to you.
  13. Shoreline RECON! Pt2

    CQB inside those buildings and rooftops.
  14. Older Aged Players Alliance

    OAPA recruiting going well 3 new guys, JASON, PATRICK, & RICHARD Welcome. We may even have another from Canada if he checks his latest P.M.
  15. Shoreline RECON! Pt1 (RP)

    Going to be a very large map with a combination of both abandoned / deserted, rural / urban locations. With a mixture of Open and Cqb engagements.