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  1. New Weapons??

    we need The M107 Barrett .50 Caliber Rifle !!! need a 1 shot kill sniper rifle
  2. This game is impossible

    That ive tryed to many times the greed gets to you and you always get blown away.
  3. Why did I die?

    you died to de hydration ma dude ! the water drop icon... if you have 0 in "water" you will loose constant hp.. if you get hit in the stomach and you can hear your self coughing and such all the time you will dehydrate fast. hope it helped
  4. This game is impossible

    you got shot by a Scav in that image, wich proberly means you shot after another scav, and they killed you.. gg
  5. Friends in other regions.

    ive researched it further, and if im inv a US player, he will be transfered to EU servers, and same the other way around, so he will get a little higher ping compared to us in EU... But thx anyway mate
  6. I try my hardest to love this game but I can't

    wanna live ? stop doing ducking Hatchling runs, and cry if you meet 1 player who took out hes gear to kill all players and loot the area.
  7. ladders ?!

    will it be so you can climb ladders on buildings sometime in the game ? seeing alot of ladders to roof tops ! thx
  8. Stagnant Game? My opinion on beta

    well maybe do some research on the game ??? the game gonna have open world, its gonna have a story line "Escape from Tarkov" its gonna have All PVE and ALL PVP. its gonna have hideouts, "playerhousing" so what more do you want for a FPS survival game ? i really cant see them make anything more unless you want a garage with lootet tanks ? You bought a BETA, with raid maps, on realease, you cant choose or pick wich raids u want. u need to "unlock" them. i would say BETA testing here is to get all basics to work, all weapons mechanics animations. Not give you a progressive game... plus they wipe the game at each big patch. so u have to start all over.
  9. Wow, this is bad...

    well insure your gear ? die to scavs get it back. dont play Shoreline when many players are on, because shoreline is not optimized and all is going shoreline wich means very unstable servers.. i died once to a scav grenade because i did hear the noise when it landed.. but well duck it.. next game. plus : Its BETA
  10. hey guys, im from EU and playing with some friends, but a friend of us want to play also, he live in US... Can we still play with him even as we are logged into EU region and hes US region, ? or are we on diffrent servers ? or wich servers will we play on "ping" wise Thx for the help in advance
  11. Prapor quest "delivery from the past"

    ok ill try that... because first attempt was a Survived... when i did plant the device, and killed 1 player and 7 scavs. the second time it was a run trough yes... so i should just take a "normal" raid and kill and such ?
  12. BUGGED qeust delivery from the past

    i just did a re-run to factory, and i its still not completet.. same bug but not completet after second run either i did take night time if thats say/do anything
  13. i just tryed to do factory again after a bug where i did not complete survive and exit factory for prapor Task... i still have not completet the last objective,, any ideas ? i completet the delivery in the room, and did sit and camped out abit, then moved to the normal exit right next to it.. but outside i did not shown as completet, so tryed to do another factory run, and i went fast trough and went to exit, still nothing... plz help i did go night raid if thats anything to notice
  14. Reset game profile

    from what i understand, he said to me that we will be able to "get gift" in our profile again after the reset. but if the "gift" is removed after the discount event i have no idea.
  15. Reset game profile

    super thx loot and progress is just more gametime to get but that keychain i really wantet again thx for the fast reply