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  1. What kind of build where you guys running there, current, gamescom, or a new one?
  2. I know no one cares...

    Nah, they add a nice twist, and i don't believe they will be going anywhere.
  3. Upcoming Giveaways and Contests

    No, i too have heard rumors that Battlestate is considering giving the EoD owners a trial key, which they can then use to "lure in" their friends and family. I hope they go through with it, since those are likely the most avid supporters.
  4. Steam Version of Tarkov

    Yes, after launch.
  5. Just a "suggestion", fix the damm gun glitches.

    Ignorance is no excuse, someone linked a video which basically showed how to glitch, and then an actual description was given of how to do it. Thats against the rules, and he was issued a warning for it, which is why i reported it for.
  6. Hatchet Run Changes

    No, no, this is really not the way to go about this, you can prod people in the right direction, but you should never ever punish them for being poor at a game. (this sounds frustrating, but they might still enjoy the game in their own way) The reason is as you stated, is risk versus reward, as long as this is skewed, this issue will remain. So, a solution would be, to teach people that actually finishing a raid, is the best way to get forward in the game. This might be accomplished with the story mode already announced, but it might not be a bad idea to not allow any xp to be gained unless successfully finishing one? (or greatly diminishing the amount received) This might even fix more then one issue at a time, as it would make people less willing to shoot others (of their faction) to increase the odds of them leaving alive?
  7. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    While yes, at the moment, what we see of the game is a grind fest, and kind of mind numbing (get into raid, loot/get killed/ rinse/repeat) i have hope that there will be enough to do to keep people occupied. Adding a PvE might easily distract the devs from the end goal, i am not a programmer, and they set their roadmap for a reason, this alone is enough for me to not want them to divert from it. What i do agree wholeheartedly with, is that the devs are sorta, kinda shooting themselves in the foot with the way they are handling their public relations, because honestly, there really isnt any to speak of. In my eyes tho, this is because of what they are, they are enthusiasts who are making something they are passionate about, and they just "expect" everyone to see what they mean immediately (once a geek, always a geek, i guess) This is how i view it tho, yes, i am reading between the lines, just as so many others, but what i am reading, has a happy end, not the gloomy things other people seem to see.
  8. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    The arena mode will probably not see any use by me, i like to stalk around, and shoot at people from the dark, which probably will not mesh really well with any arena mode where people know from the start that i'm there This play style would hopefully work in normal raids, and especially in the "open world" after finishing the storyline. I'm sorry to read that people did not find the game to their liking, and i can accept those people, like the OP to advocate (small) changes to make the game more so. (this game is amazing, the gun play is second to none) This game, ultimately, is probably not for the casual player, and this is something the developers are rather proud of, its their baby, and they are, thankfully sticking to their plan. I'm constantly surprised by statements like these, the scavengers right now, are kind of a joke (with the exception of the factory map, if you just run around like a madman) Even before the last patch, where they where dumbed down considerably i had no problems with them, and would get much more gear then i would lose ( heck i was semi fine with them right at the launch of the Beta, THOSE bots where a challenge!) This doesnt mean there was nothing wrong with them, and they where rightfully changed, the devs however have said, that the AI will never be irrelevant. I don't share your view about that a pure pve/coop will not take a toll on the available amount of pvp. As i said in earlier posts, i do not want people to have this choice, either play pvp, or not at all, no it might not be nice, it might not even be the popular opinion, it IS however in line with the vision the devs set out. They knew that they where making a, well, "niche" game, and that they probably would not ever have the same amount of players as the next version of CoD, and they still choose to make the game they did (and are) and i think that's commendable.
  9. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    It's not that hard to understand, if theres an option for it, people will use it. That means there will be less people for me to shoot at, AND less people to shoot at me. I realise its not nice to say, but i do not want you or anyone to choose to play this game and avoid the pvp, even if this means that on a whole, less people will play it. Because thanks to pve, i wouldn't see them regardless, and now theres a chance they'll try it out (pvp) and decide that they'll stay.
  10. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    You might probably enjoy Russia 2028 more, its being made by Battlestate after they finish with EfT, and will be singleplayer (and who knows, we can always hope for coop)
  11. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    If it is me who you are referring too, then no, i will not leave just because i am saying something you disagree with, you are trying to get something that i care about changed. The thing is, while i would enjoy a similar game like this in PvE coop, theres a big chance that if added to EfT it would lead to less people playing the multiplayer, and i'd just as well not have it in here.
  12. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    Dude, really? Take a deep breath, this is a public forum, and outbursts like these are not helping your case. You are free to suggest whatever you want to, and we are free to reply if we disagree with your views, what you are asking for, has never, ever been part of the roadmap of this game, and has been specifically ruled out in their FAQ.
  13. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    This is where you're wrong, this WOULD affect me, since there would be less players in the real game.
  14. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    Alright, ima going to stop you right there. The game ISN'T FINISHED, and i for one (and all my buddies) like the game and where its going, YES there are issues, but so far most of the things are either not as they are going to stay, or already mentioned as being worked on. This game is meant kind of exactly how its played atm, barring starting points and goals during a raid, and i hope they wont listen to the whining about how people cant relax during the game, because its to hard.
  15. 3 Blackrock vests...

    I believe you can better sell those three vests to Skier, he will give you ~30k for them, with that you can buy an AKN for 24k from Prapor, and use the remaining Rubles to mod it.