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  1. Dayum, that looks really nice, and my loot goblin heart skipped a beat looking at that building, looks like the average mission complete time just went through the roof!
  2. Thanks, as i said, i could not understand the video, so i was just curious Oh, this might not be the place for it, but will every scav you meet in game be hostile, or can you perhaps trade with some of them?
  3. @Blackb1rd I saw on YouTube that there was a video about a new pc or something (i can't understand Russian), a friend of mine said it was a prize of some sort, will this be translated to English later on, or is this something just for the Russian audience?
  4. Are there any plans to translate this magazine to English? I am starting to feel a bit left out, and can imagine i am not the only non-Russian speaking person who's starting to feel this.
  5. I think i might have, i tried to be gentle, but had to be firm
  6. No, you will not. When you get selected for the alpha, you will get a notification about filling in a form, after which you can only wait. If you DID NOT get that email, and if your profile (when visited from the main site) does NOT mention it, you will not be playing the alpha, i'm sorry.
  7. If you bought the LB edition on day one when it became available, and did not get a confirmation for the Alpha yet (check your profile) you did not get selected. The only thing left to do is either wait for Beta, or upgrade.
  8. I'm afraid not. EoD, 16.07.16, Europe
  9. They didn't announce it, but i just received a certain email... This is going to be a very interesting, and sleepless weekend.
  10. Alright, im sorry for helping ressurect this, but i gotta ask this. What do you think of the P-90 and PS-90? I'm Dutch so ever owning a P-90 is completely out of the question, but i am aiming for the 5-7, but it's on the verge of being legal here, and it's nearly impossible to get, no one sells it, and importing it is going to be insanely expensive, if allowed at all. Then there's ammo, from what i've heard, it's really hard to reload because of a special coating on the casings, and it's not sold, anywhere.
  11. Dude this is NOT the alpha forums, what you said here might constitute a breach of NDA since this is an OPEN forum and you are discussing contents. Best to just edit it and post this elsewhere.
  12. The packages those people bought, also stated that they'd have a chance (25-50%) of getting into the alpha, this is really the fairest option. no where did they say they would be getting in AFTER the EoD, or anyone else.
  13. Well, here's the thing, some people that bought the EoD package, bought it making a few assumptions. The devs made decisions which turned out not in your/our favor, well, it's their party, they get to decide.
  14. Look, i get it, yes i see why you think it's unfair. And yes, i would have liked to be playing the game right now (heck i took a few days off next week in the hopes i had gotten in by then, but it's not looking likely) but what you are saying is a fallacy. They advertised that the lower tiered packages had a chance of getting into the alpha, and they probably had decided by then that they would already use the purchase date would be the major contributing factor of getting in sooner. Yes, it would have been nice to know this up front, but to get all upset now because you didn't get in immediately when it started is imho, not the devs problem. They are keeping to the letter of what they said, you WILL get into the alpha, just not as quickly as you liked, and neither am i, and there's a few not so poor sods that bought the Left Behind package that are now happily playing. There's probably quite a few LB packages sold, and if there's more then 4x as many of them, they will outnumber "us" in the alpha, not to mention the other versions. I'm just happy the game sold that many copies.