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  1. that fixed it, thanks
  2. Unfortunately that is not working for me. I have to use Display Capture (showing whatever is displayed on monitor) in order to stream and record Tarkov. Game Capture does not work for me unfortunately. OBS recognizes the game running, but it does not show. I wish I could use shadowplay, but it keeps breaking for some strange reason
  3. Seriously, what anime is this? A boat that has a jet engine that can fly is definitely something I want to watch
  4. save your money. 1080Ti will release soon which will lower the price, even a small amount, on the 1080's as people will want to upgrade to it. AMD will soon be releasing the Ryzen CPU and new GPU hardware. This happens about every year to every other year. The game is not very optimized as even people with Pascal Titans are having issues with stable frame rates at even 1080p. Upgrading for the sake of upgrading (or to max out a particular game) is not a good decision to make because once you buy that GPU you'll find yourself wanting more. Save your money and get what you want in 6months. the RX480 is a pretty good GPU, and for SOME games its out performs the Nvidia equivalent but only on games that are more optimized towards AMD especially with the Vulkan API. The majority of games are overall better optimized for Nvidia which is why its the popular choice though. I have a 980Ti that I got when it launched and it performs excellently. This is a viable option when the 1080Ti's come out as the prices on the 900 series will drop considerably as NVidia is already trying to phase them out and retailers will want to make room on their shelves and warehouses for the 10 series cards and we're just over 6 months of the Pascal architecture release. Either save your money and get what you want in a few months and be happy you wont have to upgrade for a few years, or get what you can afford now and end up having to upgrade in the next few months and spend even more just to get to where you know you want to be. The 2700k is getting long in the tooth as I've seen some benchmarks, running 10series NVidia and AMD's current line of GPU's, running on the current Skylake and Kaby Intel CPU and AMD's best CPU's and the 2700k is going to be a bottleneck in short order. Which means that you'll eventually have to upgrade your CPU, RAM and Mobo anyway. That's not to say that its not performing bad, as it still delivers solid performance. but it wont be long before an upgrade is going to be mandatory.
  5. are your games handling the 21:9 pretty well? I know some games, wont scale properly but I think that's few and far between
  6. I get what you're saying "there will always be something better for you to upgrade to" And its true. But my rig is an ever evolving build and not something I ever planned on building once and not upgrading for a few years. even Nvidia no longer supports 3 and 4 way SLI because developers don't optimize their games to take advantage unless you're going to benchmark numbers. and not many games support 2 way SLI as it is. I honestly don't think anyone SHOULD do SLI without watercooling because the cards sit close together and you'll be starving one card of air
  7. SLI is dependent on optimization of games, and the amount of games that take advantage of SLI is not a very long list. Its always better to get the highest spec single GPU you can afford, than it is to get two lesser cards and run SLI/Crossfire because you are not guaranteed good performance over a single card. Two 1070's are performing SLIGHTLY better than a 1080 at stock clocks in certain tests. But a good 1080, like the Asus Strix, is beating out just about every SLI combination with its factory settings. And then theres the 1080Ti coming soon... which is a cut-down version of the Titan X Pascal. This is especially true when you consider the resolution you will be playing at. If you're just wanting to play at 1080p at maximum settings and have NO plans to go to 1440p.... a Single 1070 will work. A 1080 flexes its muscles at 1440p When looking at comparisons of a 1080 vs SLI 1070's when looking at frame rates, you'll notice that at the same settings two 1070's aren't performing much better when you start piling on effects, especially stronger AA profiles (which can be turned off completely if you run DSR at a higher rendered resolution, like running 1440p on a 1080p display, which is cheaper GPU performance than AA) When i built my first rig, i was running two 780Ti's which are still beasts in their own right. However, not every game took advantage of SLI. Most of the time, i would notice one GPU was running at 100% while the other is barely at 10% meaning its not doing anything. And when i built my current rig, I was running two 960's. The same result - not every game used both GPU's and even when they did it was not doing very well. So when the 980Ti was announced, i used EVGA's step-up program to trade the two 960's for a single 980Ti and haven't looked back since. And the same applies to AMD's side.... actually much more so. Because even fewer games use Crossfire. Although the cool thing about Crossfire is you can mix and match GPUs (you'll just be limited by the lesser card) which I hope NVidia eventually adopts, although I'm sure they want to keep making the billions they make by having you to buy an identical 2nd card.
  8. I've had my 23" monitor for almost 8 years now. Its been doing a great job giving me a 1080p image at 60fps. Its an LG W2353V. But its getting long in the tooth - so to speak With my new PC I built last year, I am noticing that this monitor is not the best monitor to be playing on. Mostly because I can't play at frame rates higher than 60 because my current monitor is limited to 60hz refresh rate. And with me PC being able to hit 80+FPS on every game, it sucks I have to limit it by using V-Sync or putting a frame rate cap in games, thus not fully maximizing my PC's potential. I mean, I COULD hook up my PC to my 50" Sony Bravia KDL-50W800B.... but its also limited to 60Hz refresh rate. So I ask you, what kind of monitor you guys are playing on? Is it 16:9, or is it 21:9 Ultrawide? I'd prefer to see model numbers so I can do research on the specs Thanks guys, Cheers
  9. Im so exited for this game to come out.... it may just be the game I need in my life! Here's my current rig i5 4670K @ 4.2Ghz EVGA Z97 FTW Mobo EVGA GTX 980Ti ACX2.0 EVGA 750W 80+ Gold Power Supply Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3 OS Drive: Samsung 850 Evo SSD 320GB Storage: Seagate 2TB HDD and 4TB HDD. Case: Fractal Define R5 Black Pearl Corsair H100i AIO CPU cooler