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  1. ETA regarding improving soundsystem?

    It does need a complete over hall, I have issues locating people because the sound isn't portrayed for depth very well.
  2. Suppressors

    I'm aware of of power decrease from subsonic ammo but I'm unaware of most weapons needing such changes and even if they did just add it as a modding section. I know quite a few shotguns like the M1014 run semi or pump for different loads but unaware of Rifles doing the samething, normally anyway. I could be wrong of course but haven't heard of it thus far. Also confused on what you mean if suppressors worked realistically, why would people want supersonic ammo? I would want subsonic so there wouldn't be so much noise and actually utilize the suppressor to its full function.
  3. Suppressors

    Never heard of "TTK" nor have I heard you need specific weapons to feed subsonic ammo as many weapons have threaded barrels to attach a suppressor. Not to mention most people run suppressors already and isn't really an upgrade thing. It's a realism thing to discard the sound but shoot a lower powered round. Comparing this game to something like contract wars also doesn't seem like too logical or a close comparison form what I know about the game.
  4. Adding Gas block to traders?

    That's what I figured, my friends and I did this once, didn't happen again lol.
  5. Suppressors

    I don't need balance unless it's unrealistic. Using supersonic ammo will cause the sound barrier to break create a loud crack if you miss. This will give some indication to where your opponent is which is why subsonic ammo should be implemented properly. Also I rarely use muzzle flash or smoke to find a target.
  6. Adding Gas block to traders?

    I've never found an M4 without the gas block. I'm interested where you found these. I've found several in factory but always complete.
  7. Yeah the only way to have a shot is immediately Sprint to the tunnel across from it and that's still not garunteeing life.
  8. --Suggestions--

    Not sure if I agree, it would take such a long time to level up traders off of hatchet runs. I've leveled my traders through farming weapons from scavs. I feel like hatchet runs are more for getting money to get gear to start farming with a foot in the door.