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  1. AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

    Those were low levels, cuz it was not long after wipe @ruizsean43
  2. AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

    @Sxldiermankinda true, but you never know when those few rounds may really mean Prob gotta change this habit when BSG will add loading ammo animation ;D
  3. AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

    Scavs miss a lot because they should (at least most of these in a vid) - but I can agree on hatchling guy case
  4. AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

    @Sushi Which moment are you talking about?
  5. SLUG's !!!!

    Can't wait for unconsiousness in Tarkov- such stuff will matter even more, Scavs are firing security rounds at dead PMCs for a good reason. Also such "punches" with ammo let's say may also eventually knock you out for shorter or longer time- depending on armor, caliber, hit area and frequency of hits And with my DayZ experiences i can say- such KOs result in VERY unusual situations... Including getting up from the pile of dead bodies to shoot looters
  6. Left Handed mode?

    Switching hands while approaching different corners... Nice one, dunno how much effort will be needed to implement it, but looks fine to me
  7. Carry System

    I agree, grabbing that scav's leg to bring him into your cover... Sometimes it means gun and or ammo you REALLY need atm and may save ur ass
  8. Pomoc w modowaniu broni

    Takie tematu na forum i poza nim coraz bardziej skłaniają mnie do zrobienia "podręcznika moddera" w Tarkovie (Tak, mam fioła na punkcie modowania broni, tak, potrafię spędzić nawet godzinę pod rząd przerabiając spluwy, nie tylko w Tarkovie ). Co Wy na to? Na pewno zawarłbym sposoby montowania optyki na AKacze, o co kaman z SKSem itd Jak macie inne sugestie czy pytania to chętnie pozbieram
  9. AKMy miłością, AKMy życiem

    AKM na full auto też daje radę Aczkolwiek trzeba mieć już konkretniejsze dodatki i wprawę Ale wtedy to dosłownie miażdży Poniekąd posłużył do promocji
  10. Pomoc w modowaniu broni

    Albo handguarda z railem i na to ... to było bodajże B-12? Jest to szyna doczepiana z prawej strony handguarda która go okala od góry
  11. Other NPC factions

    At best RU forces wont KoS BEARs- if there is some1 with higher rank nearby (cuz he may know some orders from above), while USECs... They weren't brought by any country, so unless TerraGroup got some men inside UN, USECs might get screwed by UN (maybe except around Peacekeeper and those who are in really good standings with him).
  12. Deszcz, Mgła i Cienie Pośród Niej

    O JEZU XDDDD Teraz to mnie siekłeś
  13. Deszcz, Mgła i Cienie Pośród Niej