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  1. Untapped potential: platforming.

    Yeah I find it very inconsistent as well. Hopefully some improvements down the line.
  2. RG028 gzh 9x18: can it penetrate paca?

    You just trolling or speaking of inequality in the game systems?
  3. Wow, this is bad...

    I was about to start a new thread for this exact issue when I noticed your comment. This JUST happened to me on Customs. I was completely stunned. I was hiding behind some cover in the center part of factory (near the quest truck for the watch) with about 4 scavs around me, one of the roof sniping. I see what looked like a player scav came in the east side of the complex - note I'm still hidden in cover. I hear shots over near the trailers and I poke out around the corner to check. A few seconds later my character just drops to the ground, no indication or damage on my character whatsoever, died with a shot to the head. Extremely confused.... Now I expect people are going to say 'desync' or whatnot, but at this point.. why should I even play or try again after that just happened?
  4. Game stuck on Unpacking?

    Thank you for the quick response! I will definitely give this a try tonight, I figured 'something' was going on because when I looked at the resource manager in Windows and the disk activity continues to fluctuate even after 100% unpacked... I begin to wonder...
  5. Game stuck on Unpacking?

    I have the exact same issue except I install on my other SSD and the game sticks and 100% unpacking EVERY time. So far I have just played the game by ending the launcher process when the game is done unpacking, but this is quite annoying and would like a proper fix please!!