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  1. I wish they would keep this...

    Care to give a source? All I see is devs, Nikita among them, being quoted as saying the PvE is going away at release.
  2. I wish they would keep this...

    No testing. The test is out in the field. Pay for your mistakes.
  3. Stealth Nerf To Factory Office Room Loot

    Everything was loot nerfed across the board and it wasn't stealth. It was known. All the loot is more sparse now.
  4. I try my hardest to love this game but I can't

    Also, even if you only "scav run" your main PMC character, the character XPs skills. Even when you get hurt and die, or run from enemies, your Endurance / Stamina grow. Keep dying and running. Get into Scav proper for ammo and basic weapons. Get back to your main character right after. Rinse, repeat. The more you do it, the easier it will be for the main to survive and prosper.
  5. Nested Backpacks

    Dev QAs, replies by crew on the forum, it's been around.
  6. Atmosphere

    Most of your questions are answered by "most of the game is still missing, please wait".
  7. Nested Backpacks

    By release we're supposed to catch up with EOD size stash.
  8. Stagnant Game? My opinion on beta

    Damn, people are salty about a game that's missing about 3/4ths of its content. I honestly suck donkey balls in this game. I get instantly wiped by Scavs, not to mention the kitted players. I never go Factory because it scares the living lights out of me. My style is "I wasn't even there, dude, lol", as I prefer running as a Scav or poorly kitted PMC, I never kill other Scavs when I'm one, just because there's less of a chance of being detected. I only need to care about actual players / player Scavs. I share guns and loot with hatchlings / other new players. I try my best at the whole "Sherpa" thing, the last party I led walked away with a sniper rifle, PSO 4x scope and some cheeky tricks for getting into locked rooms without a key. And I absolutely LOVE this game. I love sneaking about Dorms or the Resort. I love that I've managed to get into places before everyone else, sat tight in a dark corner, allowed late arrivals to butcher each other for 10+ minutes and then went about looting, going through rooms and sodding off on my merry way before more arrived. I pride myself on being able to extract from Shoreline 9 times out of 10 and most of those times without seeing or firing at a single soul. I love the maps the Community makes and love figuring out where these are inaccurate and what new extraction points are available this patch. There's ample space for different playstyles in EFT and you just need find yours. I'm an explorer, I'm a stalker, I'm a fixer. I play the cowards game and I'm the last one to walk away or the first one to bug out at the sound of trouble. And you know what? It's FUN.
  9. 6G15U Unavailable

    Oh, sure, it's "crying" now. Feel superior already? A manly man doing manly things, who'd never cry as that would offend his fragile masculinity? So fragile. Being sad is questionable. Crying is right out.
  10. 6G15U Unavailable

    The pads are OP, even some streamers openly stated that. The Recoil modifier on them is too big, combined with a good stock mod it's insanely cutting recoil down. It's very likely that devs stealth adjusted the amount of rubber pads in the loot count cutdown two days ago.
  11. **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    Yeah, I used to think I kept getting a sound bug, but that was just 2-3 scav glitched into a loop of shooting the door at the Road to Customs exfil
  12. anti-aliasing AA graphics question

    Did you try throwing up aurally instead?
  13. Szybkie pytania szybkie odpowiedzi

    Odezwij się do mnie na Discordzie, ustawimy się na granie Scavami i pokażę ci co i jak, może uda się nam wydostać razem i jeszcze z jakimiś łupami?
  14. Not the point. The date / time was different than the lobby I chose. Also it's the first time I see a Saiga-9 and a Blackrock on a player Scav, but that might be just me. It's always ben TOZ, Vekhr, Grach or MR133/153.
  15. I just went into Customs at ~1530, turns out it was already 2130 and getting dark fast. Happened to me twice on Customs today, before as a PMC. Also, my Scav came in "better" equipped - I had a Blackrock vest, a Saiga 9mm single shot SMG and some mags and ammo for it. Is it normal and just something I haven't seen, on both accounts?