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  1. Please add B-19N upper handguard for this firearm.
  2. MP5

    But they only showed the ones I mentioned.
  3. MP5

    *Name: MP5A5/MP5SD5
  4. Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Products: M107A1 MRAD M98B and etc. Contact: https://barrett.net/support/contact-us
  5. Why do you say it was discontinued? Source?
  6. I can't find much info about this gun only (photoshopped?) pictures. Please post more info you find any.
  7. Finally insurance!
  8. Add X-Products 50 round drum.
  9. AEK-999 FN MK46 Mod 1
  10. Add this
  11. M92FS M9A1 M9A3 90two Px4 Storm Mx4 Storm ARX160 ARX200 DBAL-A3 (Dual Beam Aiming Laser - Advanced 3) DBAL-PL (Dual Beam Aiming Laser Pistol Light)
  12. AK-47 is not a good and iconic rifle. AKM is.
  13. AK-47 will never be added in Tarkov because it's too old, crappy and is a prototype. AKM is true MVP. AK-47 is one of the worlds most overrated rifles because it's allways mistaken with AKM. Also you should read this post:
  14. Sig P320 P320 TACOPS (carry) and P320 RX
  15. You mean PKM.