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  1. Когда будет внедрена система Карма?
  2. New Pistols: SR1M Gyrza & APS

    It's actually APB not APS.
  3. AKS-74U

  4. AKS-74U

    Please add B-19N upper handguard for this firearm.
  5. MP5

    But they only showed the ones I mentioned.
  6. MP5

    *Name: MP5A5/MP5SD5
  7. Weapon Companies Thread

    Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Products: M107A1 MRAD M98B and etc. Contact: https://barrett.net/support/contact-us
  8. AK-109 Real or fake?

    Why do you say it was discontinued? Source?
  9. AK-109 Real or fake?

    I can't find much info about this gun only (photoshopped?) pictures. Please post more info you find any.
  10. Preparations for the next update release

    Finally insurance!
  11. Screenshots of the SIG MPX submachine gun

    Add X-Products 50 round drum.
  12. МP-153

    Add this
  13. Eyyy! It's Frankie!

    I seen his video before even this thread was created. I subscribed to him.
  14. Eyyy! It's Frankie!

    You clearly didn't watched my linked video. "Offline mod", like you got to be trolling.
  15. Eyyy! It's Frankie!

    Trolling is against forum rules you know... Did you even watched that video??