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  1. what camouflage the members of the usec wear?

    AOR2 is tan and yellow dude
  2. what camouflage the members of the usec wear?

    wrong, MTP is not a digital camo. It's UBACS not UBAC close, but UBACS has a different velcro pattern, and the UK flag. Also the camouflage is totally wrong for UBACS and too green for UCP digital camo is used by many nations. there's many many types so it's absolutely idiotic to just call it "digicamo" to answer OP: 1. EMR 2. & 3. No idea. It's not a big name russian manufacturer (SSO, Splav, SRVV, ANA) or american (Crye, Massif, 5.11)
  3. Gear Companies Thread

    Arisaka Defense Makes MLOK weaponlight mounts, some minimalist weaponlights, and some lightweight vertical grips https://arisakadefense.com/ will@arisakadefense.com
  4. SKS tactical attachment not working properly?

    yes, it's a bug with the PSO in general. If you put the front rail with X400/Klesch on a VSS and attach a PSO, the X400/VSS will not function
  5. MPX AR15 Compatibility

    you're completely wrong. the MPX pistol grip is 100% interchangeable with the AR-15, as are any attachments on the picatinny rails. Yes, there are a lot of bugs like the RP-01 being able to be used on the vityaz when Senitco created the RP-2 specifically for that. The MPX BUIS also couldn't be used on the AR last time I checked.
  6. Your suggestions

    you can build a better version of the current AK-12 with the B-10 and B-33. the new ak-12 (aka AK-74MR) is basically an AK-74M with rails.
  7. Your suggestions

    considering that version of the AK-12 is shitcanned, I highly doubt it.
  8. New Weapons??

    dunno, the MSBS isn't being offered with the same caliber change functionality that the original ACR was offered with. Funnily enough swappable AR-15 uppers have taken over that market. Obsoleted by a gun it was designed to replace.
  9. The gerber tomahawk costs how much!!!

    quality blades cost money
  10. New Weapons??

    The Remington ACR sucks. the FB Radom MSBS is a derivation of the design that supposedly is quite good.
  11. New Weapons??

    slashed QC
  12. New Weapons??

    no one would field an ACR after what freedom group did. Realistically I could see Bren 805/806, and VHS-02 as rifles as both have seen recent military service and adoption. That being said ASGAARD, a German PMC operating in the ME is still rocking AKs lol
  13. AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

    given it's mentioned in an item description I'd say it's only a matter of time
  14. New Weapons??

    PMCs are companies. They care about making money, and thus will buy the firearms that are the most efficient. the XM8 is not cost efficient by any means. Economies of scale dude.
  15. New Weapons??

    PMCs mostly use M4 variants and AKs. Sometimes weird stuff like AUG and FAMAS if they're European, but that was largely in the early 00s back when any tard with some military experiences was trying to make a quick buck running Green Zone convoys. XM8 makes 0 sense for a PMC to use, and the only unit seen with it recently is a meme Malaysian special forces unit that apparently doesn't understand weapons standardization. because it's popular with civilian shooters and produced under license by Russia's neighbors. You're the kind of guy that would say the Steyr SSG 08 doesn't make sense in Tarkov: spoiler: it makes perfect sense.