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  1. Strength Skill?

    refresh, atm only throwing grenades too ?
  2. Prapor quest bug

    its bugged for me too, i heard its bugged only for usec ...
  3. Bans for cheating

    have ever heard about refund button in paypal?
  4. VSS vintorez

    Am i the only one who thinks this wep sucks? Bullet drop, penetration, expensive. I think the akn or m4 with silencer and same scope as vss is much better in every way. Silencers for m4 or akn must be ultra rare to make vss worth using it.
  5. SV-98

    Ive got one, tbh the scope is too high. From 100m u can see enemies teeth... There are no such distances to be effective now, even on woods.