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  1. shoreline map??

    Bodycount! Do you have the other maps in the 3D version like the shoreline map?
  2. Extraction point

    I'm stumped here too as a newbie. The exits are the most confusing thing about this game!
  3. Leveling Traders?

    How do you level up traders? Do you just sell items to them or what?
  4. I wish they would keep this...

    Alright great thanks
  5. Playing single player with bot scavs when it releases. I think its really fun to test out your weapons. What do you guys think?
  6. Customs map exits?

  7. Customs map exits?

    Hey! I'm a newbie and I'm having troubles exiting the Customs map. I just played a match and I went buy 3 different exits for the map and the timer doesn't kick in. Any help would be great. -Thanks!