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  1. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    CO-OP PVE isn't offline mode though. Not saying I do or do not support this Idea though as I'm unsure about the work it would take and if that might take away from the PVP mode by having less hours put into its development.
  2. Hackers Are A Prolem

    My point is: Coming to this thread and saying things like: "I have yet to meet any suspicious activity" isn't helping anyone at all. Just keep it zipped unless you have something good to say. I agree most situations are desync though. I've also been playing this game a lot longer then you, so theres that.
  3. Hackers Are A Prolem

    Cool story bro.
  4. Hackers Are A Prolem

    musta been desync bruh.
  5. Hackers Are A Prolem

    I've noticed a small spike in suspicious gameplay in the past week or two. I never call hacks but only a few times recently have I been killed in very suspicious ways. According to staff were not allowed to post examples of suspected cheaters. I hope they have a team thats good at catching them because anti-cheat software is not enough. Staff need to be educated on how to spot cheaters behavior & hopefully proper review tools exist internally, otherwise some cheaters will get away.
  6. The fourth wave of Beta admission starts! 05:11:00
  7. The fourth wave of Beta admission starts!

    Might wanna fix those scavs before letting in thousands of new players... jus sayin. Just look at LIRIKS 30 min he spent playing and read his chat.
  8. Closed Beta Testing Started!

  9. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    & what to do about this launcher hang?
  10. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    I cannot access this portion of the website.
  11. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    Been hitting refresh for over half an hour now constantly. Still nothing :(...
  12. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    sweet this is where Im at still...
  13. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    Nothing works.
  14. Closed Beta Testing Started!

    My launcher is broken what do I do: Cant get another client because the website is down.
  15. When do you think Beta will arrive? [Poll]

    Late in the day on monday.