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  1. what haha Btw, you're the guy who wants to add zombies to EFT: So its a bit tough to take anything you say seriously. Sorry! Please keep the toxic rants to yourself and off the forums because so far your posts in this thread have been nothing but obnoxious and rude.
  2. Shame you think its an "idea". Its already in the game screen... "select time phase" is greyed out and if you hover over it will say: not available in alpha. So that means no matter what you think about how hardcore you want EFT to be, they already have had time phase selection as a planned feature for almost a year now. As "select time phase" has been on the map screen since summer of 2016. Funny cat urine comment though bud. Also maybe try reading though the entire thread before you make comments. I already made it very clear that time phase selection is a planned feature and has been for a very long time.
  3. Double check the map selection screen. Time phase selection is greyed out and if you hover over it - it will say not available in alpha. So time phase selection WILL BE A THING. No sense in discussing it any further really. In fact its been there on the map selection screen since summer of 2016, I can't remember it not ever being there so I'm pretty sure that falls into their premise of the game.
  4. Fully agree but nobody can prove ingame playtime right now - join date is all we can look at. I'm certainly not saying join date means everything, but its a pretty good indicator of your general knowledge level. Wouldn't you agree? You are redeemed comrade! See you in the zone!
  5. @Strat This is insinuating that everyone who dislikes nightime is a "scrub" and has "aneurysms". How is this not a rude comment? About join date, you are the one who brought up credibility and you have absolutely none. So don't expect people to take you seriously. Please give me a break with wall of test honestly. ^ quote of you thinking your opinion matters Have a good one bro
  6. @Strat Fair point but don't expect people to treat you with respect if you go around calling people scrubs & stroking your own ego talking about your amount of silver. check yourself bro Also, about your experience and credibility: You have a join date of Feb 03 2017 and under 10 posts. You trying to say that makes you experienced and that devs should listen to you more then others? <3
  7. I also like the idea of bonus exp at nighttime. Great idea to encourage nighttime selection!
  8. Some people commenting don`t realize that time phase selection is greyed out right now, and will be added eventually. Biggest issue really is that nighttime is so dark because we have a fixed weather pattern. Its always the same weather over and over so theres only moonlight at certain times. Its been very cloudy recently. No one is asking for a permanent daytime, just the choice to choose day or night to be enabled sooner then later. Also to anyone questioning the legitimacy of my concern please refer to this topic: Read the comments and you will see a majority of players choose to play factory because its often night time when they are able to logon.
  9. I would like to point out that many people feel restricted by the current fixed day night cycle. I am just suggesting that devs place day/night time phase selection in high priority. Especially with the NDA lifting soon, there will be a very large influx of players online. During server nightime hours it places a huge stress on factory because nobody is playing customs or woods. Most people simply just play factory or logoff if its nighttime in server. Please add time phase selection asap! It will keep people happy and playing much longer!
  10. Some very good news in there! Hyped about the SKS!
  11. I would like to see some numbers on banned accounts. Right now this is just creating paranoia and distrust. Been testing for EFT since summer 2016 & never seen anything I would consider cheating. I think the cheater amount is MUCH lower than people think. I would like clarification on this to put it to rest. Thanks
  12. +1 from me! Couldn't be happier to hear they are almost ready to add scav mode! It's such an essential part of EFT & I'm glad to hear more about it.
  13. This news is great! I'm hyped for the next patch! Customs was already my favorite map and now its looking even better then ever .