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  1. 05:11:00
  2. Might wanna fix those scavs before letting in thousands of new players... jus sayin. Just look at LIRIKS 30 min he spent playing and read his chat.
  3. tried.
  4. & what to do about this launcher hang?
  5. I cannot access this portion of the website.
  6. Been hitting refresh for over half an hour now constantly. Still nothing :(...
  7. sweet this is where Im at still...
  8. Nothing works.
  9. My launcher is broken what do I do: Cant get another client because the website is down.
  10. Late in the day on monday.
  11. Yes skills & mastery are reset with inventory on each new phase of the testing process. If it hasn't been specifically mentioned before - you can safely assume there WILL be a wipe of all the things you have listed once the patch hits!
  12. *heavy breathing*
  13. What are you guys even trying to debate in here? Staff already told us Vulkan development is "put on hold". I spoke to Natalino directly about the subject a while back and he told me the Vulkan build they had been developing was too buggy, and they were giving up on Vulkan at this time and focusing on Dx11. I really do hope that maybe one day we could have a working Vulkan build though, it would be very beneficial.
  14. Looking fantastic! My new favorite map I think.