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  1. Remove the TOZ

    At short range TOZ can one shot at chest or head. Crap civilian weapons make sense for scavs. Of course with some level of lag/desync even the best gun may seem ineffective (remember having to put a whole 45 round AKSU mag into a hatchling at point blank range and he still managed to ruin my leg and fell a second after i ran out of ammo), because most of the round you fire don't hit even if you should be hitting. Of course scavs do much better with the TOZ because they not only have aimbot grade aim but also suffer no lag and desync. Try the TOZ offline and you will see the difference.
  2. Melee weapon should be taken out until game got fixed

    Desyncs and lag FTW. It's still not as bad as a hatchling evading your whole pistol clip by moving through the means of microteleportation like some kind of sci fi enemy. Overall, as i said the hatchling spam is a symptom of a problem that needs fixing, and it's what beta is for. The game has awesome gun system, people should be given as much opportunity to use it as possible, the incentive setup should be such that no one should want to use the melee weapons except as a tool for breaching, and a weapon of absolutely last resort, and a silent weapon for those without silenced guns. Poor server performance is making hatchlings more dangerous vs players than they have any right to be, but that problem is going to be solved for all sorts of reasons eventually. The economy is the bigger part of the problem here. This is the main reason for hatchlings i think. The cost of replacing lost gear combined with high chances of needing to replace gear, with the ability to fill a yellow box with lots (especially gamma one) of small, expensive goodies that can be easily turned into cash at traders and then into more useful stuff. So, if you play hatchling, you lose nothing, and you have a good chance to gain something. Quite a lot of something if you have a box better than 2x2. If you want to loot nice things in nice spots, especially as a loner and during early match, you put yourself in extreme risk of getting ganked while busy looting, so not bringing gear along is a very smart choice - a 30k rifle and 30k basic armor mean nothing if you are going to get headshotted/bursted from close range when you can't see poo, nevermind defend yourself, because you are looting that safe and putting the shiny right into your yellow box, so why bother investing the 60k you will likely lose without getting much use out of said investment. The quick and dirty solution would be to put more scavs where the good stuff is, taking on more than one scav at a time as a hatchling is really hard, and a bit of a challenge for everyone else too. Would be a good time for adding more scav spawns in a patch when the scav's x-ray vision and spetsnaz aim get nerfed. The long term health system is advertised to make this no gear risk-high life risk-low to moderate reward secured in container gameplay unfeasible, but i doubt that - dying with 30-300k gear on you is going to be as bad for you as dying with just a hatchet, while costing you lots of money, and earning money is one of main reasons why you are running around with a hatchet to begin with. As i said, from experience when playing alone, geared or not, you are most likely to die due being ambushed when traveling or looting, with little to no opportunity to return fire, so having nothing to return fire with makes no difference. If it's not one of those situations, not having a gun costs you some options (of course a recently looted gun also works), but escaping is still just as much of an option, and often a quite enticing one even if you are geared. BSG certainly has an average PMC raid extraction rate statistic, and i'd expect it to be fairly low, especially for loners, it would be fun to know it for theorycrafting about this stuff. And low extraction chance = don't bring anything remotely valuable that you won't keep in the secure box because by all chance you will die and drop it, if it's not bulky useless stuff and visible someone will loot it. The karma system is planned to improve the extraction chances in some ways (out of all people same PMC faction should be much less likely to attack you, now the vast majority of player interactions are KOS), but i'm not sure if that will be enough to fix the economic calculation here. And then there are the traders. I think they are a big problem here too. They will exchange all the little expensive baubles you got into your box during the suicide run into a whole lot of money which then you can easily turn into lots and lots of actually useful things, especially after you do some quests (some of which also heavily encourage hatchet running) and get some more trader levels. I think the economy should be changed in such a way to make use of scavenging and looting in equipping yourself encouraged above getting the most expensive vendor trash you can find and then spending the money in ridiculously well stocked milsurp stores that the black market traders apparently are. I think their stock should be made much more realistic for that factor. I also think it would be more fun and immersive to complete a tricked out AK from scavenged parts and disassembled scav AK compatible weapons over several raids and using it over 10-30+ raids (matter of extraction rates/insurance/not getting looted by players too often), rather than focusing on whatever is expensive and fits inside the inventory, preferably yellow box, selling it, and buying a "standard loadout" of one type or another at the traders when you want to make a properly geared run for one reason or another. My suggestion would be to make all of them work like the fence, with player sold stuff appearing in their inventor, plus restocking some limited selection and amount of trader-themed items, and at random times while at it. To make the black market have "lore friendly trader stocks" rather than the entropy of a mass of players applying the law of large numbers, traders should be run in instances, say, one copy of every trader per 100-1000 players, to which players would be randomly assigned, with proportionate restock amounts. Would also make the fence less of a pain to use due to more and less intentional click-sniping; anything even semi-interesting you see him sell will, 99 out of 100 times, be bought before you buy it, currently shopping at fence means pretty much gambling away your time and sanity for a small chance to buy something nice for a high price while refreshing like mad.
  3. Civs

    Civs are a great, lore friendly, realistic idea that would make the game more unique and i support this idea 100%. They could have very interesting ways to be integrates with the karma system, missions, scav/pmc faction interactions, and many other things. I'd imagine they would rarely have firearms, many civs would just have a knife or no weapon at all, and would have a "cowardly" AI, avoiding combat unless forced into it, though they should be engaging in some business of their own too (hiding, scavenging, traveling, and so on).
  4. Persistent Health Future Problems

    I think the health system will be at least somewhat related to making water and even more so food useful, and it's probably gonna be long term, for food especially. There is a mention in scav selection that playing as one you will randomly get good or bad health. However, there is valid concern, the game already has a risk vs reward problem that pushes many players to cut gear budgets, sometimes down to the hatchet, due to the sheer risk of loner play (doubly so newbie loner). The medical system will increase risk, and the mentoned loot decrease will reduce rewards, so it does seem things will gets worse unless some other major changes in the good direction made - the loot is plenty enough so it can a bit of a nerf; one cabinet will often get you a nice sum if you can fully loot it and evac afterwards, if you are lucky even a 2x2 container filled with best pieces from it is a nice sum. The high gear loss risk combined with low raid survival chances for loners is the big problem here IMHO. Nevermind that if you are meant to sneak around, loot with no one around, and sneak away, all you need is a backpack and maybye a couple cheap meds, not an expensive gun and other gear to lose when ambushed looting or running with loot, either way you lose the loot and long term health and the expensive investment without getting much protection from the lots investment in gear.
  5. red guns

    It means that it's missing a somewhat important part, like the pistol grip.
  6. Melee weapon should be taken out until game got fixed

    Hatchlings are not the problem, hatchlings are a symptom of a different problem. And that problem is that the risk/expected reward ratio of using stashed or bought gear vs running around with only a hatchet and secure container is heavily skewed towards favoring the latter, at least if you aren't running in an organized, geared group of 3+ decent players, and i'm not even completely sure about that one. If you are alone, spending ~30-50k on a half-decent set of basic gear does not improve your chances to live through a loot run until extraction all that much, losing you that investment, while knife/hatchet/pistol/container cheeki breeki allow you get such a gear set from looting or a dead scav without risking anything, or very little risk in pistol option. And once you get a bunch of looted gear, you can either evac with that or continue looting as if you entered the game with it, knowing that worst case scenario you will be only back to square one, no further. For all practical purposes, by going into game with non-container'd gear, you are making a bet that you will survive to extraction, and that bet is equal to the replacement cost of the mentioned gear if you lose, and whatever you manage to loot minus ammo/meds etc if you win (the container complicates things a bit, but i think that's just further into nogear's favor). Would that be a wise bet to make? Once the desyncs, spawn camping, other camping, and/or questionable usefulness of the insurance system are dealt with, i'd expect hatchlings to become much less common.