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  1. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    I wouldn't think it was fair, which is why I said something. If it's not just an isolated case and players who never cheated in Tarkov are being banned, then it needs to be addressed and fixed.
  2. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    That's like saying: "Once a drug addict, always a drug addict." "Once an alcoholic, always and alcoholic." It's not a very good argument for the given situation. Especially if it catches people who use cheats on single player games. (Now I know what you're thinking "why would anyone ever want to cheat in a single player game?" Well, there used to be a time where games had actual cheat codes built into the game (GTA is a prime example), now a days that's not always the case.)
  3. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    I'd agree with you, but my buddy was caught in the ban, for software he had for another game. They wouldn't reverse ban because they "couldn't prove that he wasn't going to use it for Tarkov."
  4. Your suggestions

    If they haven't already been mention in the previous 108 pages: Benelli M1014 Mossberg 500/590 G36c/k Vector If you wanted to get super exotic with it, I present to you, the most dangerous weapon ever made! The Derringer Could you imagine how tilting it would be to be running around with an AK or M4 or top-teir money weapon just to have some little poo run up to your face and two tap you with this little pocket pistol? It'd also be hilarious to see a pistol that would actually fit into the pocket slot on the character. OR! I have a better weapon that might be equally as funny, if not useful for fighting people at night I present to the good developers of Tarkov, the one, the only! Orion Flare Gun! "But Droopy, how could a flare gun be practical in Tarkov? We're going for realism here man!" to that I say: "That's a fair point, but I should also point out that you do allow people to raid during night time. It'd add an interesting dynamic to the game if players didn't have to rely solely on either flashlights or NVG's." Also, if the developers were already planning on adding something like that to the undermounted grenade launcher, it would could give lower tiered playes a chance to learn how to use flares as well.
  5. Scav Human vs AI Detection

    Player Scavs always spawn with a flashlight on their weapons, that's how you can tell the difference. (If you're smart, when you spawn take the flashlight off and pocket it, then you just have to pretend to be a scav (another tip, scav AI doesn't loot bodies, so if you loot a body and a player sees you do it, he'll know you're a player and probably try to kill you for that sweet Makarov you took off some poor PMC.). Player on Player killing doesn't trigger the Scav AI to shoot you, that's why all Scav Players kill the other players. However, I'm hoping they add the rule to Scav Players that if you go around shooting other Scav players, the AI will targe you.
  6. Lone Wolf for karma system

    If you work for the same PMC company, odds are you're not going to shoot each other in the back over some mediocre piece of gear. If that's the case then there's no point in making players choose a side. I personally like the idea of punishing people who shoot players that are apart of the same faction (yes, that includes Scavs.).