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  1. Pre-Order Question

    @DreTaX14 i am sorry. at the moment,we dont have information about next alpha waves.
  2. Pre-Order Question

    @ZrfkN as far as i know,there are currently no more waves announced,but maybe they do it later.... at the moment,you get instant acces or not. you only need to sign in for NDA if get acces to alpha.
  3. @pizzadudecook not if this is the case
  4. dont worry,if they implement 3rd person you would never play with them as fps player. 3rdperson and fps player will have there own servers
  5. How will this game run?

    next time ,please post technical issues in the alphaforum..... maybe this helps 1. Go to Nvidia Control Panel. That may not be exactly what it's called but it's the main settings menu for the gpu 2. My problem was that mine was set to multiple-display. I turned it on single display, turned on v-sync and turned on adaptive refresh. And now I'm getting like 50 and it's pretty smooth
  6. Pre-Order Question

    @Heat22-SK you dont need a code if you bought the game,only if you got it as gift you need a code.... well ,you bought the PFE edition with a 75% chance to get choosen for the alpha, i assume you didnt get in.
  7. Questions about the preorder packages

    i am not really sure,i think it got calculated like a "dice roll"
  8. Questions about the preorder packages

    @DragonStryder you will get an invitation email with link for the client
  9. Questions about the preorder packages

    with PFE you got a 75% chance to get choosen for the alpha... no one knows how long the alpha will be
  10. Spielabsturz

  11. EFT startet nicht mehr

    probiere mal das "try to delete the Resources folder from Your games folder\Escape from Tarkov Alpha\Escape from Tarkov Alpha_Data\ and run the launcher again."
  12. Spielabsturz

    evtl. hilft das
  13. Update

    in der regel befindet er sich im downloadordner,wenn du ihn nicht findest,kannst du ihn auch nochmal runterladen
  14. Issues launching the game

    @Tintyfax mhm that is strange...maybe do a clean uninstall and download again
  15. Issues launching the game

    wrong taxonomy version error 231? if so,start the launcher and update