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  1. Прошу прощения, если это уже обсуждалось, но я только сегодня узнал, что запалы, используемые в гранатах РГД-5 и Ф-1 выдают громкий хлопок. В wiki пишет "По опыту уличных боёв на Северном Кавказе было выявлено, что всё семейство взрывателей (УЗРГ, УЗРГМ и УЗРГМ-2) выдают положение использующего гранату громким хлопком, который возникает при срабатывании предохранительной скобы и наколе капсюля-воспламенителя." Ето хорошо слышно в етом видео: Так как игра склониться к реализму, можно ли ожидать, что етот звуковой ефект будет добавлен в игру?
  2. Overall view of the game

    Thanks, but all I see is "Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it." So I gues it means one has to buy the game first to even see the patch notes?
  3. Will there be a zombie survival game mode?

    I'd rather they finish the game first and not think about adding something new.
  4. If I was in Tarkov I would not be posting here.
  5. Overall view of the game

    I agree on information being hard to find. Where exactly are patch notes? Are they even posted somewhere on the forums?
  6. General questions on weapon implementation

    Kiba, the animations are great and I really appreciate the realism you put in EFT, but please change the position of pistols in aim-down-sights mode, it's too close to the screen (the face). Example in the english stream at ~29:40 (after you shoot Zhora in the back), the right hand while aiming-down-sights with a shotgun is as close to the screen (cheek of your virtual head) as when aiming the pistol. But in reality when shooting a pistol your arms are extended forwad, so the hand (and pistol) model should me further away. It reminds me of this picture, just replace the rifle with a pistol: