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  1. Join the EOD family!
  2. Just a reminder to all of those who where thinking about buying the edge of darkness edition, EOD ends when the alpha ends, this is very soon so I would suggest buying it NOW! This is going to be a great game and you should definitely support it if you considering it!
  3. That looks awesome! Done in cryengine!
  4. Correct, its going to be so fun!
  5. Its probably just cosmetic for the place. Just to make your hideout look special and be able to upgrade it.
  6. Great to see players helping other players.
  7. Welcome, Congrats and look forward to seeing good things out of you :)!
  8. They are kinda cool hopefully they create more merchandise!
  9. 1v3

    Nice job!
  10. Would love to see the ak-47 in the game!
  11. MP5

    That looks awesome! Can't wait to see it in game!
  12. Sennheiser Game zer0
  13. an Aug would be sick!
  14. I would just switch the keybinds to something easier to push
  15. Looks great! When will this be available?