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  1. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    Hideout please!
  2. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    Looks sweet!
  3. Single Player Mode

    They said that they won't be doing one but there will be a tutorial and story.
  4. Forum Moderation Team hires again!

    Good luck to all!
  5. Glock 17 in the process of texturing!

    So the glock will have single and 3 round burst options correct? Awesome to see the other nato weapons like the HK-416, nice tease! Do you think we can put sites on the glock?
  6. 140,000 members!

    I know this is a little late but the website hit 140,000 members recently! I remember when we were celebrating 30k and 40k members etc. so great to see the community continuing to grow for this game! Cheers to 200k!

    Come on man, for a factory key? What about when they wipe.
  8. Hiding dead bodies

    This will be very cool when added!
  9. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    brandons101#3142 please verify, thanks
  10. Rip man, Welcome to Tarkov!
  11. New servers added!

    We definitely need more servers in the USA for factory.
  12. Chiappa Rhino

    When can we see this in game?
  13. Black Friday Sale is BACK!

    Yes, I feel like the content we will get from the season pass alone will probably make the eod worth it. Plus its going away. Its going to be on sale, take the time and think about it but its definitely worth it. P.s. Welcome to the EOD family!
  14. Black Friday Sale is BACK!

    Can't wait for my friends to get the game!
  15. Please Give Woods More Than a Single Extract

    I could see adding one to the last bunker with the zb key. I have camped woods extraction with 4 people not hard. Remember none of the maps are finished so they will add things to existing maps.