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  1. [DISCUSSION] - FOV and It's Pros / Cons

    I think 90 would be a good middle ground max should be 110. If 70 is the max that would be a disappointment but i'm pretty sure they are uping it.
  2. G3A3

    Would be very cool to see added.
  3. An assortment of random quick tips

    Nice job! Great video!
  4. Just had a weird game

    Probably desync
  5. Asia Servers are LAUNCHED!

    Thank god! Thank you BSG!
  6. Compass!!!

    ya they definitely need to add a compass.
  7. Action figure for EoD owners?

    The dead scav would look cool.
  8. A sneak peek into the Battle State Games Studio

    Very cool!
  9. If y'all are giving us for Armour then that is a free quest done for skier. I really think they should change that quest to paca instead of fort.
  10. Art of trader "Peacekeeper"

    Thats customs!
  11. Glad EOD is getting more equipment! Thanks!
  12. Single player In full release?

    I doubt it, they could make an amazing story for this game. I hope they do!
  13. Steam Version of Tarkov

    Can't wait for it to be on steam!
  14. Official Trading Thread

    out of curiosity how has this been going? has this been working?
  15. The exhibition PGA 2017 has started!

    That's awesome so many people came to show support!