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  1. Very cool! Cologne is amazing enjoy it!
  2. Would be nice to give EOD members keys to give away to friends.
  3. Awesome! Thank you!
  4. Wonderful!
  5. Applied, Thanks!
  6. oceanic

    Wonderful, this should help the USA with the lag but also wonderful that they will get their own servers!
  7. Congrats!
  8. Why are we adding more people when we the servers are already so laggy and desync? I'm not trying to complain but this patch somehow got worse than the previous patch and this is beta! Why can't we get dedicated servers instead of these virtual machines where the servers go through 8 different connections before going back to Russia when the server is supposed to be in the USA! I love this game but I don't understand why we continue to have these problems with servers and scavs getting worse! There is no reason why we can't have dedicated servers.
  9. Absolutely beautiful, can't wait for the rest of the map!
  10. YAY!
  11. Did you create this? This is amazing! Do you update it whenever changes happen?
  12. I really hope that it comes in July!
  13. Thats cool, i also have a monitor similar to yours except its dell but same specs.