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  1. Team ID

    Just wondering what people were doing to be able to ID teammates easily. My buddies and I are TKing quite frequently and are looking for ideas. Hope everyone is having a good day! Cheers -Lt_Dan
  2. AS VAL

    Got a good chuckle from this.
  3. How old are you?

    20 Years old from the good ol' US of A.
  4. Would love to become a sherpa, been playing since day one of alpha access.
  5. Third wave

    Just praying I get in, cant wait to play with everyone today hopefully!!
  6. What Edition did you get?

    I got the EOD glad I checked the forums to see all this stuff going on that we needed to do. Still a little confused on how to get the english Teamspeak stuff though. If anyone has any advice I'd like to hear it. Cheers and can't wait for the fourth! Just got mine built, super excited.