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  1. Ich suche für zwischendurch ein paar nette Leutz zum zocken! Hier mal die IP: lg zatef
  2. Ich finds einfach nur peinlich so zu spielen. Zerstört das gameplay von den Leuten die es spielen so wie es vorgesehen ist. Ich frage ganz direkt hast du kein skill oder was?
  3. How much got banned? Good News by the way
  4. Maybe a next patch? We are already in Alpha for 6 months and we Have enough testers.
  5. Hässlicher bug selber schon mehrmals gehabt
  6. Soo Natalino! You guys are searching for new Moderators thats cool. Is this intended maybe for a German Sub Forum? Or is it only for English speaking guys? Soo maybe i am your man. Greetings zatef
  7. Welcome and have fun
  8. Enjoing myself! Finally the time has come guys! Guys there are not in, i wish you good luck for the next wave cheers
  9. It would be a dream if a wave comes today
  10. kwahamoT I thought the Dev said every 1 or 2 Days? Greetings zatef
  11. Hope the Fith Wave comes today! That would be very amazing
  12. Soo lets wait then and chill
  13. Every time they same people are mad because of players they are a (little) mad and want to test and play also. And Jafar i think you was 1 of the first guy there crying all over the place: I am not in the Aplha bla bla etc and now you are here because of what? You can play for a few days why are you here? Keep playing