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  1. Performance issues

    try like this Overal graphic quality-medium, Texture quality-medium, Shadows Quality-high, Object LOD-2, Overall visibility-1500, Shadow visibility-100, SSAO-off, Contact SSAO-off, SSR-off, Anisotropic Filtering -on and everything below off
  2. Performance issues

    And what settings did you have?
  3. Escape from Tarkov Balkan Community

    Hello and welcome to our first Escape from Tarkov Balkan community. We are gathering in hope of making strong ang healthy community with people all around Balkan area We have our Steam group feel free to join! We are gathering on discord when we want to play Escape from Tarkov so join us there too. Its easier to communicate and its user friendly. ( ) Welcome and enjoy, CroSoldier
  4. Is this guy allowed to stream the game?

    lol what a joke NDA doesnt matter cuz he got permission but calling someone retarded...okay
  5. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

  6. How old are you?

  7. What are you guys playing right now?

    Insurgency and Squad...sometimes Rust but that is clan game only soo nvm
  8. Forum Game [Story time?]

  9. Alpha testing

    Do you mean Im in wrong forum right now? Cuz I can see that this forum is called Alpha testing and I had Q about alpha testing. Whats the problem?
  10. Alpha testing

  11. Alpha testing

    Hello everyone, I have one Q...Can Alpha testers type in forums theirs opinion and what they saw in game if they cant record videos (Can they?) Im living through my first hype its hard. What will be finall product price I know its too early for that but just if you can say approximately how much it would cost. Thanks. (Sry about my english its not my firts language)