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      Game servers maintenance / Техообслуживание серверов   11/23/2017

      We plan to update game servers, at 16:00 Moscow time today, for around 40 minutes. Game is not going to be stopped during update.
      Обновление серверов сегодня в 16:00 по Москве, в течении примерно 40 минут. Игра для этого обновления не будет останавливаться.


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  1. Malware?

    There's already a thread about this. They're aware of it!
  2. Action figure for EoD owners?

    I'm looking for the stl assembly. I think I've seen a thread where the statue was made. But I cant find the thread anymore.
  3. A sneak peek into the Battle State Games Studio

    I've seen this statue somewehre in the forum before. I'm looking for it, but I cant find it...
  4. We need a punishment system for this. Every time I do the friendli hands up thing, I get killed by someone.
  5. 605 error.. NO SERVERS..

    yeah buddy
  6. 605 error.. NO SERVERS..

    That's not true! This their kid. If you have programmed anything in your life, you'd know how hard it is to make a proper game as an indie Game studio.
  7. Scheiß Bild

  8. 605 error.. NO SERVERS..

    yeah me to.
  9. Current Servers

    I wish you good luck escapeing in Tarkov and have fun playing.
  10. Current Servers

    I cant find it. But I readit some where in the removed alpha forum. Just dm a mod or a dev. They might be able to help you.
  11. Current Servers

    I think there have been added servers in the aisian area so they are close to you but not that close as well. I think you should be able to play.
  12. Current Servers

    Afaik there have been added more server for the cbt.
  13. When do you think Beta will arrive? [Poll]

    CBT patch is installing boizz
  14. Wie waren eure ersten Runs?

    Mega lustig, da ich einfach nur rum gerannt bin und mit den Pistolen einfach nur SCAVS gekillt habe. Ich hab das spiel seit August 2016.
  15. How do the forum "ranks" work.

    Nope, or I didn't found em