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  1. To directly quote what i was told from a DEV: #locked
  2. Os DEV já confirmaram que o modo offline não faz parte da visão do jogo e vai mesmo ser removido antes do lançamento do jogo. Mas para compensar, a primeira missão do jogo vai ser em modo offline, tipo tutorial. É uma ideia interessante, mas infelizmente vai contra o planeado pelos DEV.
  3. EU Event today with awesome attendance, and plenty of friendly banter.
  4. For security reasons, no information about the current anti-cheat will be given. They have already mentioned it briefly during the DEV interviews but to keep the information out of the hands of people that would use it to go around the system, they will not release the info to the public. All anyone really needs to know is that Anti-Cheat is active, it has banned people and is constantly being worked on to improve the detection of people who use hacks.
  5. I'm sorry, but from what we know of the reported bugs and glitches than all of those could be explained by them. THIS is why we don't take player reports. They can be wrong, biased or just misinformed. Anti-Cheat is active. If they are hacking they WILL get caught and banned. Criticizing the DEVs for not listening to complaints that have been shown, by previous example, to be mostly wrong will NOT change how things are done. You need to understand the DEVs have it handled and are keeping information about it to a minimum for security reasons. I'm not saying there aren't hackers. What i am saying is that player reports are NOT a reliable way to get evidence for a BAN.
  6. Not really. At this point in time 90% of 'hacker' reports made by players are Bugs, Desync or just plain sore losing. I know it's harsh, but it's the truth. Right now, manual reports are not reliable and THAT is why the DEVs aren't taking any.
  7. That looks really inconclusive to me. There is nothing to say for certain it wasn't a bug. I have had times when i have died with no killer name, or killed people in raid and have them not show up on my final stats. It could be that the game is faulty in detecting the reason you died and thinking it was due to blood loss instead of player damage, or it could be that the end of raid statistics are bugged, which i can tell you is likely. Other than that all i can say is that the game has an active anti-cheat right now. Anyone hacking will be caught and banned. The DEVs are not accepting any reports of possible hackers at this time.
  8. Please use the Search function when creating new threads. There is already a thread for all videos/screenshots. Please use that one instead of creating a new one. #locked.
  9. Regardless of who or what generated that file, as long as it affects the game than it has the potential of being banable. Of course it depends on what and how exactly the change does to the game, but it is a possibility outlined by the EULA. The difference between this and something like TS is that TS does not interact directly with the game. Does not change the game or game code in any way. I am not saying you WILL get banned. I am saying you CAN get banned if the DEVs so choose.
  10. NA Mandatory also boasting a very high attendance today!
  11. You are right. Glitches won't (for now). Too bad changing values on game files does not fall under the definition of a 'Glitch' but rather in the category of 'Modification of Game Files' which IS banable.
  12. Full list of EU Attendance, for those interested.
  13. Quando digo 'Tradutores' estou a falar de pessoal que têm, como profissão, traduzir outros idiomas. A regra internacional, que é reconhecida oficialmente pelos governos dos 2 países e não só, é que ambos os idiomas são Português. E mais, basta veres o acordo ortográfico entro o Brasil, Portugal e Angola. Todos falam Português, mas com algumas diferenças. O acordo vem uniformizar a o Português escrito pelos 3 países. Não é uma questão de opinião. É facto.
  14. Alpha não é uma versão. Tem o Standard, Left Behind, Prepare to Escape e Edge of Darkness. Sem um destes não pode jogar.
  15. Ehh... Not totally wrong, but not right either. While EFT has survival elements, is i NOT a survival game. The DEVs say so themselves.