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  1. Bem vindo Portugueses!

    Tudo bem, com razão. Queres te voluntariar para emissário? O problema não é já haver um emissário do Brazil. O problema é que não há Tugas interessados em ser emissário. Para ser emissário são precisas 3 coisas: 1- Mostrar trabalho em prol da comunidade com conhecimento e paixão pelo projeto. 2- Mostrar aos DEV o interesse em ser emissário 3- Saber Inglês. Não há regra nenhuma que diga que só pode haver 1, por isso se não há mais é porque não querem. Bem, como tuga e alguém que comprou o jogo em Março de 2016, começou a jogar em Agosto de 2016, e continua a jogar todos os dias (tenho bem mais de 1000 horas de jogo) posso dizer isto: O meu clã tem 3 tugas, eu incluído, e acho que sou o único que tem conta no fórum. E no Discord só lá vou para anúncios oficiais. Há mais Tugas a jogar EFT que pensas, e à mais tempo do que pensas. Só por não estarem no Discord ou no Fórum não quer dizer que não existam. Nem todos querem, ou podem, fazer parte da comunidade.

    Alright. The original question of the thread has been answered, and it would have been avoided if the OP would have used the search option in the first place, as per the rules. @GrizzlyGramz I suggest you check the patch notes and the News section of the forum. If there is a patch, large changes are announce both ahead of time and when they are deployed. If you did not know about trader tasks, it was not by anyone's fault but your own. #Locked, Answered.
  3. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    My screen isn't big enough to catch everyone but we had around 78 members on TS today for the EU mandatory.
  4. Escape from Tarkov Development Diary

    Better hope that's soon, because EOD will not be available forever. Probably gone by the time Open Beta starts. For sure it will be by release.
  5. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Same with NA today. Very nice attendance today.
  6. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    60+ this weekend. Not bad. not bad at all.
  7. Hacker?

    This is exactly why we don't take manual reporting of hackers. You mistook a known bug for flying hackers and decided posting on the forum without properly doing the research was a good idea. There is a proper way to report bugs, and it is not by posting them in the forum, in a section not even related to BETA testing. Please use it. #Locked.
  8. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    EU Event speaks for itself.
  9. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Well, what can i say. We just keep growing. Todays EU Event was just full of fun.
  10. What do i do wrong?

    What about someone from your IP region? I'm sure there's got to be some clans or groups in there. And about the raids, that's where the main story will be so there's a lot of things you will need to do before you are able to actually escape. Nikita has said that it should take around 80 hours to 'finish' all the raids. And even than there's quests, secret locations to discover and unlock (like the Arena, which is where the PVP deatchmatch happens), and other things to do. And after you complete the Raids, you unlock Free Roam, which is all 10 raid locations in one single mega map. The new patch will hit soon, and it will bring some more content to help fill raids. If that still doesn't make them more interesting for you, Take a break for a month or two and come back once there is more content.
  11. What do i do wrong?

    I think i see what the issue is. EFT is not a Deathmatch style game. In factory this is perfectly doable because of the small size of the map, so the 'Kill, Loot, Extract' playstyle is more doable even as a SOLO player. When you go to the big maps you start seeing the intended gameplay for EFT. It shifts from 'Kill, Loot, Extract' to 'Move from A to B, engage or avoid enemies, loot or keep moving, extract.' It is a lot more tactical and team oriented. You need to constantly consider the consequences of every action. Do you run across the road and risk getting spotted? Do you engage that one guy right now or wait to see if he has friends? Is it worth engaging that team, or should i play it safe? What do i have in this situation that can help me overcome the difference in numbers, or am i at a disadvantage? etc. I would advise you to, first and foremost, get a team. EFT caters to team play. Choosing SOLO play is picking to play a hardcore game with a handicap. Teams make the game much easier and more fun. My preferred team size is 3 players, because that is the perfect (for me) mix of having your back covered while still leaving a target rich environment to shoot at. Secondly i would also advise you to rethink how you play. If you run into others you don't HAVE to engage them. You can, but that is not the main goal of the raid. Raids are the story portion of the game. They are played in online with other players but the main goal is to 'Escape from Tarkov'. For that you need to extract from every raid in a linear progression from one raid to the other until you reach the end. It will be a bit more complex than this, but that is the gist of it. How you choose to accomplish this main goal is up to you, and you are perfectly able to choose to kill everything in your path. However, choosing to engage a team (of 4 or 5) while playing solo is one of the hardest things to do. Not impossible to accomplish, but not easy either.
  12. keeping offline mode

    While your situation is understandable, don't get your hopes up too much. While they do care about the customer, they will not go out of their way and change the game to please everyone. They have a vision and are sticking to it. Offline mode is one of those the things they have repeatedly said has no place in the game, so i do not believe they will back down on their decision. AI will change as the aim is for them to be as close to human-like in behavior as possible so there is no guarantee that even with offline mode you would benefit from it once the AI gets more advanced.
  13. Feature request

    EFT caters to group play. If you choose SOLO play than you are picking the hardest difficulty ontop of an already hardcore game. Find a group, play together with them. You can also use the offline mode to learn the maps, or scav mode. Further along development, the DEVs have said the the very first location will be a 'offline Tutorial' raid where you are taught the basics. Anything else will have to be learned the hard way. I understand what you mean when you say this is still a game, regardless of how hard it is meant to be, but there are already ways to lessen the difficulty. While it is always subject to change, i have been told by a member of the DEV team here on the forum that there is no matchmaking planned as of right now that he knows of. Input is always welcome and even if they don't directly acknowledge it, they do have DEVs reading the forum. Just don't get your hopes up too much. While they do care about the customer, they will not go out of their way and change the game to please everyone. They have a vision and are sticking to it.
  14. How Does the wipe reset the inventory

    Changes to item spawning, loot economy, loot tables, rarity of items, trader standings and inventories and most importantly new features that tie into the above can be best tested from a fresh start, as re-balancing, changing or adding one of those affects the player experience.To get the best data on if it has improved or not compared to previous iterations, you need to observe the progression from the start all over again. For example, the next patch will most likely add the quest system. Since this is heavily tied to the traders and the reputation you have with them (Do missions for one you get some rep with him, but lose it for one of the other traders for example), it would not make any sense to not wipe when people are already running around with maxed out trader levels and not be able to properly test.