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  1. Is adding a crosshair legal?

    Nothing's unclear here. Using Reshade (or SweetFX, or whatever equivalent) is not a bannable offense, which was already linked to earlier. I would be amused by the level of heartache over adding a rather useless dot to the middle of your screen, except for the fact that it's so blown out of proportion that I wouldn't even be mildly surprised if it's just an attempt to construct an alibi for hacking. Which I guess would be amusing in it's own right given how futile it would be.
  2. Request on behalf of an no-Cheater

    So, Your buddy hacks, just 'not in this game'. You set up his system and will vouch for him, which clearly has already failed once. You already got an official response from support, but decided to ignore it. Empty threats of legal action. Yep, ticks about every usual box for these threads. Carry on.
  3. 21:9 support

    Basic search is your friend.
  4. Launcher repeatedly patching?

    Try downloading a brand new launcher, I believe it has also been patched significantly since then.
  5. Rough Start (HELP)

    Offline raid results are completely ignored - you can't gain or, more importantly, lose any gear (or experience/skills/etc.) while offline. Offline Factory is a great way to get comfortable with the shooting mechanics, and running the other maps will help you learn where scavs spawn, which both helps you know where to go to fight scavs and also where they don't go, so if you see someone wandering off somewhere you know it's a player.
  6. [DISCUSSION] - FOV and It's Pros / Cons

    You'd be objectively wrong. Lowering the field of view reduces viewport distortion. Viewports (the engine's pawn-FoV-to-pixel-mapping canvas) in the vast majority of game engines are flat planes, which means the edges of the viewport are some measurable distance further away from the pawn's perspective point than the center of that viewport. The larger you make the viewport (i.e., the higher your FoV), the more the distortion at the edges is amplified, similar to the effect of a Mercator or cylindrical map projection, and the amount of distortion scales geometrically from zero at the center of the screen to maximum at the lateral edges. This is particularly visible if you have ever played games in triple head that don't compensate well (I'm looking at you, ArmA). For some hard numbers, calculated for distortion (observed pixel coverage % increase over intended) at the lateral edges of the screen, based on actual horizontal FoV (regardless of aspect ratio): 50 degrees = ~7% distortion 60 degrees = ~10% distortion 75 degrees = ~17% distortion 90 degrees = ~27% distortion 120 degrees = ~65% distortion The potential other argument - that low FoV on 21:9 is less than your eye would naturally get at the distance your monitor is sitting - is slightly more possible to be valid, but still unlikely. A 34"-class 21:9 monitor (example actual width 32.7" - source) sitting 30" from your face (I'm averaging the recommended viewing distance of "between 20 to 40 inches" - source) set to 50 degree horizontal FoV ingame will run at 65 degrees FoV adjusted for the modified aspect ratio and subtends about 56 degrees of your human FoV, so you're still not losing out compared to your human field of view.
  7. Gore mode

    Two particular problems here - first, it's not more realistic. Do some google homework - bullets of the pistol and rifle calibers that are currently available in-game don't cause that scale of structural damage to bodies or paint cans worth of blood splatter. Second, making holes in models means doing dynamic mesh deformation, and that's never cheap in processing power. Unity is terrible enough without adding a bunch of computationally expensive operations just to add CoD levels of visual candy to reward you for shooting something.
  8. Need Recommendations To Run Game Better

    Yeah, your first priority should be moving the OS and EFT to a solid state drive. Your hardware otherwise looks fine.
  9. Need Recommendations To Run Game Better

    I'm going to guess that you have either the game, your OS, or both installed on a regular HDD and not an SSD?
  10. Peacekeeper

    You might have caught Peacekeeper at the end of a stocking cycle and he was sold out? Otherwise, yeah, @TGAM-ALEX is correct, they're still for sale.
  11. We have no significant details about arena, but you would know that if you used the forum search feature. I would suggest you accept that you wasted some cash and move on from Tarkov, since you seem to be so disappointed by the raids, which are the main mode of the game.
  12. 5-Man Teams

    Except that there is a massive, glaring hole in your argument - Escape From Tarkov. It's not a war, or TDM, or any other mode where you have to be the last man standing, or even still in the match. Your job is to escape. If engaging hostiles makes it easier for you to escape, go for it. If engaging that particular group would make life harder, don't be dumb, let them leave the area or work around them. Complaining that team sizes need to be nerfed because it's too hard to kill them all is literally asking the devs to buff your ability to play the game the wrong way.
  13. Field of View

    This is patently false. If you increase the size of the render viewport (i.e., FOV), there is more to render (more geometry, textures, shaders, etc.) As for simulating the human eye, there are two factors at play - the normal field of view of the human eye as well as how much of your actual field of view your display is occupying. If you're on a 28"-class monitor (usually about 26" of actual width) and to make the math easy say it's 26" from your face, that monitor is only occupying 60 degrees of your eye's field of view. Increasing your ingame FOV beyond 60 means that while you can see more world, it's proportionally zoomed out as you increase beyond 60 degrees. If you want to be super zoomed out all the time at 90-100 degree FOV, have at it. I'll stay on the smaller settings and actually see you.
  14. MR-133 Shotguns- Can't Load or Unload

    When you are ingame with the weapon in your hands, you can just hit the reload key to top off. But @Big_Joe is correct, you have to remove the mag tube from the shotgun to get the load/unload options to work if you're in the stash, or want to reload the gun without having it in your hands.
  15. Aiming Deadzone and 4 levels of grenade tossing.

    Just to point out - that post was made a full year ago (Posted March 7, 2016), before we even hit alpha; and also at the time DoI was in /very/ early stages.