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  1. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    Scope looks cool but i hope you can put. It on any gun not only snipers or m4 like some of the scopes now ..
  2. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    Yeee !Hope karma and lock pic come with this hype train and. I cant wait yaida mean
  3. Trial Key Contest - Create an EFT Character

    Full name: James Maven Nickname/: soul stopper Gender:male Age:30 Occupation:ex special ops/detective Appearance (blackHair flattop tanskin hazel eyes height 5'7weight220 markings tattoo on lower arm of an dragon and. On the other. Arm a cross with the date 2027. bullet wounds scars upper right shoulder and2 in left knee1is 2in from the knee cap the other upper thigh Social Level/Rank: captain before dishonorable Discharge war crimes pending Positive Personality Traits: top marksmanship with m4, Emr. Has leadership skills six sense. In combat situations. Also 2ed in command combat doctor Negative Personality Traits: easy to set off. always has his own vendetta with team mates unstable mentality. 3rd degree psd, alcoholism Misc. Quirks: always has a half cigar in his mouth .after killing He checks the body the spits on it after then if it dosent compromise the mission at hand set the body on fire Likes: puppies, dope & beer, guns Dislikes: scavs ,terrorist,cocky mofos ,and people in general Hobbies: reading , and weapon collecting from swords- guns Group/Guild/Clan affiliation:N/A under us law pwd6582 Enemies: any one thats he seems fit to die Favored Weapons/Tools of the trade: m4, emr ,aug,shotguns,any ak ,any dmr & sniper rife, 249,m60,bombs foreign and domestic. Knifes History ): sign up in the army when he was 18 son of an 3 star army General did two tours in Afghanistan and one tour in the 2019U.S. N. Korea war. Then 2 combat. Missions in black ops before disappearing. In Russia was married wife Victoria &1son Viktor Became a cop 2022 then 2027 his partner deid in a routine traffic stop move up to detective in aug2028 around the same time the U.N showed up with questions about the docks . Dec2028 wife &son died in arm robbery. At torkov bank in the city. Has not been the same sents Ps.dont pick mine did this for fun and already have the game
  4. "If I was in Tarkov, I would ..." Continue this sentence.

    I would grab loot slice upward. With the tomahawk split scav in two wave at a bear then go to the hide out to make my weapons like a nice dmr. With the stuff i gathered. And if i find a dude doing the friendly. Dance ill invite him back to the hide out for a beer and blunt maybe a grilled cheese sandwich. Lol
  5. The Scavs: Grizzle armed group

    So there's Different groups. Of scavs i wonder if they will be some way to tell what group of scavs are trying to kill you it also sounds like the grizzles. Run around customs and around woods what group runs around factory?? Makes you think
  6. Screenshots of the SIG MPX submachine gun

    So is this going to be added soon ? Because. I would love to get my hands on it and test it out well i would also like to get my hands on the Mp5 or sks. Cant wait.
  7. General questions on weapon implementation

    Will the grenadelauncher get different rounds like smoke and ball rounds. Or just standard. Explosion. Rounds ? And will it be allowed to use with most guns like the a4
  8. it was jaws or a sci fi movie mutated octopus lol who knows they could of been grownup nap? and who ever took them is trying to get info from them any thing is possible ! someone could of watched when they dive and took them out and stuff the body's some where ? so many ways and if this is in the game watch u see a diver hanging like a scary movie j /k lol good stuff so far keep it up it boggles the mind what happen to those divers ?????
  9. The 2nd part of screenshot with renewed graphics

    Two thumbs up buffalo. Hella nice cant wait to play online
  10. A message from the EfT project leader Nikita Buyanov

    loving it thank you keep up the good work this game will blow the fps and other games out the water
  11. Attack on the Tarkov Police Division No.7

    Wow we got armed bandits and im thinking. It might be part of the terra group hired arm service. Trying to bring panic and chaos. This is geting interesting (but that my opinion)
  12. Wow so in 2011the shiping. Company was bought. By Terra co so is the new company. Own by terra still or did the Japan. Company. Bought the shiping co. From them or is it that terra co. Is the Japan Co. Just a different. Name hmmm boggles the mind
  13. "Rumble In The Jungle" World Justice

    So this terra group is kinda like the umbrella Corp trying to get there hand in every thing but im likeing the story very interesting
  14. New game development materials #2

    Just keep up the good work it worth the wait
  15. New game development materials #2

    that's cool can you drive the stolen car lol