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  1. If we are going for lmgs. And have to be Russian then the kord or the nvs and since they said its hard to implement a belt feeder then go with degtyaryov dt or da or dpm. They are old but its a lmg oh and the a-545 even though. Its not an lmg but it looks cool to shoot scavs with
  2. So there's Different groups. Of scavs i wonder if they will be some way to tell what group of scavs are trying to kill you it also sounds like the grizzles. Run around customs and around woods what group runs around factory?? Makes you think
  3. So is this going to be added soon ? Because. I would love to get my hands on it and test it out well i would also like to get my hands on the Mp5 or sks. Cant wait.
  4. Will the grenadelauncher get different rounds like smoke and ball rounds. Or just standard. Explosion. Rounds ? And will it be allowed to use with most guns like the a4
  5. it was jaws or a sci fi movie mutated octopus lol who knows they could of been grownup nap? and who ever took them is trying to get info from them any thing is possible ! someone could of watched when they dive and took them out and stuff the body's some where ? so many ways and if this is in the game watch u see a diver hanging like a scary movie j /k lol good stuff so far keep it up it boggles the mind what happen to those divers ?????
  6. Two thumbs up buffalo. Hella nice cant wait to play online
  7. loving it thank you keep up the good work this game will blow the fps and other games out the water
  8. Wow we got armed bandits and im thinking. It might be part of the terra group hired arm service. Trying to bring panic and chaos. This is geting interesting (but that my opinion)
  9. Wow so in 2011the shiping. Company was bought. By Terra co so is the new company. Own by terra still or did the Japan. Company. Bought the shiping co. From them or is it that terra co. Is the Japan Co. Just a different. Name hmmm boggles the mind
  10. So this terra group is kinda like the umbrella Corp trying to get there hand in every thing but im likeing the story very interesting
  11. Just keep up the good work it worth the wait
  12. that's cool can you drive the stolen car lol
  13. US. Dmrs