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  1. Hey buddy, Sure, I'll ask the other emissary from SA, if there is one, and get back to you asap. MG
  2. Congrats buddy!! Welcome along!
  3. I used to live SOR for 6's only Midland that's like Tarkov mate!!
  4. Indeed Dusty! We run Tarkov Tuesday and Thursday's! Contact me on Discord or here.
  5. I shall do my best. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!!
  6. Thanks chaps!
  7. Welcome fellow Emissary from Australia!!
  8. @Maddocy I have good news in this regard. BSG has confirmed to me that there shall be Oceanic servers for EfT. The date for this is not yet set, but I have offered to assist in help set this up with local providers (Melb, Syd or Perth) when required. Great news for us!
  9. Greetings chaps, I have asked this question on our behalf. I'm just waiting for a response. For me, it's absolutely essential that we get some dedi servers in Aus to build out community up. I'll feed back to you any information I get, if I get it Thanks MG
  10. I shall indeed rally my Aussie and Kiwi friends to bring excellent news
  11. Hey all, I'm bumping this topic back up so that it remains a point of conversation. The Oceanic region needs dedi servers for this game to build a community here.
  12. Thanks all.
  13. G'Day fellow mates, Dropping in here to say hi and that I'm happy to represent us Aussies in EfT. Any questions or issues you want raised, please let me know!
  14. Hi all, I'll declare that I am a ZSU clan member, but would like to say that both ZSU and myself would be very happy to have more Aussie players come and join us to play EfT, and a whole host of other games, if you're keen.
  15. @Minions_Gambit Glad to see we have Australian rep for this game. Good work mate. Looking forward to the direction this game is taking us.

    1. Minions_Gambit


      Thank you, sir!  I shall make sure I do my best :)

      Oh, you're welcome to come and talk Aus EfT with our group here:

      I'm there most days, but feel free to interact with the guys and gals.  We're community first.

    2. Red_Comet


      Also stoked to see a fellow Aussie as a emissary!