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  1. improvised suppressors

    Yup. Only thing you really need to make that is specialized for suppressors is the baffles, but that can be substituted or replaced(washers evenly spaced and secured or moist towels come to mind). The barrel part itself can be made out of any pipe with threaded ends, with one endcap having a drilled hole to correspond to the caliber(gotta have the other well fairly deep to make it secure and not blow out the cap itself). Adapting it to a thread isn't too difficult either, in a pinch superglue and pvc/threaded pipe works. Not difficult at all, anyone who knows the concept could easily fabricate one in 15-30 minutes with available stuff.
  2. Got an idea from another thread. Bolts/nuts + gunpowder + container + lighter = perfect scav-improvised explosive; guaranteed to explode, in your hands or on the ground. Thoughts?
  3. improvised suppressors

    The flame is real in this post, almost enough to heat up my popcorn. I like the OP's idea, feels like it would fit in, especially with the scav populace. Not everyone would have access to a suppressor, but there is more than enough junk floating around for someone to come up with something. Along with his idea, I'd like to propose pipebombs and imporvised-landmines - gotta be an offensive use for all the nuts, bolts and lighters we find
  4. F1 Tactical Nuke!

    Oof, there's a vid floating around of an middle eastern reporter taking shrapnel to the eye from an IED explosion 2km away while the camera is filming guy was evacuated and is probably still alive(albeit with a jagged, embedded trophy), but his pain is available to watch in slow motion. Just goes to show, if you see a boom within your sight line get behind some hard cover quick!
  5. Can we look like this?

    Late to the party, but I'm just gonna leave this here
  6. why is this happening

    Experiment with it. Try your native res(1440 x 900), and if it doesn't work try smaller. Mine is currently set to my native, 1680 x 1050. It should look like: { "Resolution": { "Width": 1680, "Height": 1050, "RefreshRate": 59 }
  7. why is this happening

    There is a file called "local.ini" that is floating around in your files somewhere(for me it is under This PC > Documents > Escape From Tarkov, but it might be different for you) and in the third and fourth lines lies your resolution. You'll need to open it with a text editor(notepad works) and set it to your supported screen res. It is important you only touch those numbers, coding is space/line/content sensitive and deleting or altering a seemingly insignificant space could have negative effects.
  8. why is this happening

    Had a similar thing way back in alpha. What's your screen resolution? It's possible your monitor can't handle what Tarkov is set to, and you'll need to fix it by manually editing it in the file("local.ini" in one of your EFT folders) and set it to what your monitor can handle. Additionally, alt + f4 and/or alt + tab will allow you to escape the black screen without a restart. Hope this helps, cheers Again, please use the search function; I know you are new but there is another thread exactly like this
  9. Hatchling roaming in squads now

    There are two things you don't lose on death: melee and secure container. He's getting it back even if you take it.
  10. Mounts on M4 in front of first spot on rail

    Instead of hijacking another person's thread, do some research; the answer is quite obvious through a glancing search. Regardless, it also says your answer in the description of the standard build... it's even in your post. As far as I am aware, there are only two things you can put in front of the 45 degree mount: a PEQ box and an triangle foresight. Did a quick test and could not find anything besides those two items to attach in the front of the DD rail. It is possible that this could change in later builds.
  11. The Future of Raids

    maybe possibly definitely yes but probably no know? no, but yes kinda
  12. Don't play today!

    I've actually had a very similar thing happen to me on Factory: two buddies and I put a mag each into one guy(all shots registered with no damage) with no armour and he kills all three of us. I'm almost positive what we experienced was a godmode script, but crazy stuff happens
  13. Don't play today!

    I agree, you are allowed to voice that you are unhappy about something! However, people tend to act entitled when a game is not up to their standards(not saying you are) and many, many threads springing up about the same thing only adds fuel to the fire. Find constructive ways to get your voice out about what you'd like added or changed, and remember that this game still needs a lot of work. We are only testers, and will according have to put up with a lot of stuff. If you are feeling heated and feel that you can't play EFT right now, I encourage you to play another game and come back after awhile or when there is an update and try it again.
  14. Don't play today!

    Calm down people, the desync has always been in this game, even more so now that they opened it up to everyone who bought the game. Keep in mind they are always tweaking stuff, adding and optimizing constantly. Along with this they want to see how the servers will react to these changes while under stress which causes the lag we have all come to love. Additionally, this game is still in its infancy; lotta stuff to fix and clean up, did you expect a finished product when you got it? It wil be like this for awhile, so please calm down and if you can't handle it, go play something else to cool down. We are TESTERS, not players. Expect some wacky poo to happen, and don't complain that this isn't up to AAA standards.
  15. Countercheating measures

    The reason I have read for having a week delay is so the people that have been banned do not report to the cheat engine devs what got them caught, to prevent those devs from finding work-arounds due to these "trigger actions". As the EFT devs say the cheat detection system is in it's "learning" phase it monitors the suspicious persons to see what they do and how they do it, then reports back to the people who look at this information to decide if it is ban worthy or not. If it is, boom, ban, information is stored to be used against future hackers and the cheat engine devs don't know what got them caught. If it is not, information is stored anyway so when the system does become automated it does not accidentally ban legitimate players. Atleast, that is how I believe it works. I could be entirely off, but from the info I have collected this is how I infer it works. Besides, there will be a wipe anyway and we are testers, not players. So what if I lose some gear? I'd rather stick with this and have the anti-cheat work wonders down the road for the full-release than have an anti-cheat that doesn't work or, worse, bans the real players and allows the script kiddies to roam free. Just my two cents, cheers