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  1. Wrong section. #Moved to offtopic
  2. Pve "Offline looting" was disabled few patches ago, as this won't be in the final release "Full-game". This game is ment to be Hardcore.
  3. moved to weapon department
  4. I know that feeling, had it in night time
  5. You wish. guy had poor internet and disconnected.
  6. We do update, and patch alot of things once every amount of time. the only reason for this is : Release of a polished update and patch. instead of forcing updates and get 100 new problems. Also this will lead to the second no update dates.
  7. Idea's are always welcome ! ill be waiting
  8. You can do whatever you want ! #closed
  9. No problem !
  10. @WeRNothiNg this is due your post amount of not having 20+ post or reply's. i have moved the thread for you.
  11. Beta will be around summer.
  12. Hey @LoxzZ Dit is wel een vreemd probleem. Heb deze namelijk nooit voorbij zien komen. Heb je de juiste type ammo in het magazijn? dit gaat vaak mis bij het gebruik van "Makarov" . Zit de Ammo in de magazijnen zelf ? inplaats van in je zakken of vest ?
  13. Please be patient, Beta will be coming around summer, you can upgrade your pre-order to get into alpha.
  14. i got your back !