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  1. Moved.
  2. Al good ! no problem.
  3. Should check project news. Also the patch notes.
  4. For now there are 3 Servers available. (Miami , Frankfurt, Moscow) I'm special
  5. You're welcome ! Enjoy.
  6. This is because you don't have 20 reply's. So you are limited to create Threads. Also there apply's extra rules on the Clan section #Moved #Closed.
  7. Deze topic is nu weer open. Aangezien de NDA lift van 24 maart.
  8. Wipe* lmao jk jk luv you long time

  9. You have 5 post reply's. you need 20 to create your own Threads, Also this thread is gonna be locked due the violation of the Clan section rules. #Locked
  10. #Closed. Please read the clan section rules.
  11. moved. to clan section
  12. Close beta will be coming early summer ish.
  13. It did a fantastic job !
  14. The current state is Alpha-state, depending on your pre-order acces you are able to play.