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  1. The escort mode really fits the lore. Not just saving your own a.., but help others escape. That is cool! The hunt is also very interesting: do not let someone escape!
  2. Lose of gear (will limit the game)

    agreed! If I remember correctly it was 7:45 PM, clear skies.
  3. Lose of gear (will limit the game)

    Maybe, in this case I am not even sure how I could miss at all. Maybe I did not miss and he was not bothered by the bullets? I first aimed at his head, next round at body: nothing, he just turns and kills me. bug? you tell me. But if this happened with kitted AR I would be very mad!
  4. Lose of gear (will limit the game)

    I am curious where this gameplay takes us. Nether had the same approach and many players left (also because of hackers). The grind can get tedious quickly. When the objective is to escape and the merits are gear you can easily loose next round: what is the meaning of gear. Gear has become volatile asset. So what else is there? Skills, money? Last night I tried scav after not playing for looong time. It was tense, sure, and unforgiving. I sneak upon other scav from behind. I shoot and likely missed, he turns and kills me. Well, in this type of scenario I could get really upset to loose all my gear! Luckily I went in with the cheapest pistol....should this have happened with my fully loaded AR....ouch. I would not be motivated very much to try again and begin from scratch...
  5. suspend game

    Uhm, I do not disclose any specifics of the game? So far the game is profiled as hardcore and you will loose all your stuff when you die. That can be read everywhere on the site.
  6. suspend game

    Not sure if this has been asked already First of, I like EFT a lot. Immersion is great, looks fantastic. Eepie creepie when aonother player passes you by whilst sitting in the bushes. :-) Admittedly I have not played that much lately, but finally gave it another go last night. After about fifteen minutes into the game, I had end it (unexpected other obligations). Currently the only way is to leave and loose your stuff. It would be very welcome if you can have your character find a place to shelter/sleep and continue playing later on. (ofc this should not be possible when in a fight etc)
  7. Keep doing what you are doing, because you are doing GOOD!
  8. Attack on the Tarkov Police Division No.7

    Is this background intel collected somewhere? I do not like searching through all the other topics....
  9. Bug Tracking Process

    ok, thanx!
  10. Bug Tracking Process

    How do I file bug report? Nothing in game? I got stuck in the level (in stairway) and had to abort.....
  11. Trading system news ENGLISH

    I got my free weapon, yeeeh!

    stop drank all the Red Bull at once, did not you? :-))
  13. Closed Alpha testing announce

    I understand that, but it really came across (at least to me) that you would pay 148€ just to play on the first day. As if the game is any different on day two or three. Sure updates may in time change the game for the worst, like Survarium. You pay to support the development of the game and get access to Alpha. The game is about to be Alpha released so let's see what is what, and not battle words. sorry. See you on the battlefield!