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  1. Václav Novák.... very common Czech name and I should know, I'm Czech myself
  2. Cheers for clarification, I was wondering about that
  3. SKS announcment....
  4. Hail the Russian Frontier Justice!
  5. Oi, Suzy, sweet gun! Many departments in BSG mate, this can easily be a work of one or two people. I want those bugs fixed soon too, I'm dead sure they are working on it
  6. Tož já su taky Čecháček, není to pěkné?
  7. it's actually this model https://www.traser.com/cs-cz/p-6600-automatic-pro,d-92.html The "Shade" model has a day tag, but they are very very similar
  8. Calibers, bullet types and distance matter a lot, naturaly. Found a decent video:
  9. SKS

    I'm pretty sure they will. As far as I've noticed, they plan to release the MPX, DVL and SKS in the near future. I think they will make it till Beta (summer).
  10. The Devs said on the Gamespot stream, that it is planned to be released this month (March). Check one page back to watch the stream on YT. It's gonna be a fine, mate. You never know what you spawn with and you can play as a Scav only once an hour or by paying ingame money. It's gonna be a blast
  11. This is entirely unrelated, I know, forgive me, I couldn't help it, but that USEC guy at the back has a helmet I've never seen before in the vids... sorry, I had to, it got me very excited for some reason
  12. Yeah, we had a great time at the dust with the storm. It looked fantastic. Seeing my buddy's face light up with the lighting was scary cool keep it up
  13. Oh, man, what a reply to all those people complaining about the size of the free roam map. The truth is, we don't know what else is gonna come. Customs is pretty large for a raid already, now it's gonna be even more interesting. I'm having a blast everytime I play. Keep it up BSG, you guys rock!
  14. Great news, congrats @Natalino! Is it possible to include you into devs here on forum so we can see your posts in the "Developer Answers"? That would be great
  15. Sherpas shouldn't have anything "game changing" or inaccessible by other players. Maybe let him pick a higher-end gun from some trader or some sort of selection. Also having the ability to get insurrance for a gun he already has and loves would be nice. I'd rather have some kind of "sherpa patch" on the arm of my shirt if we are talking about something unique.