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  1. Yes you can get a 2x1, 3x3 and maybe a 4x3 container. They can be earned earned by completing tasks for traders.
  2. Bear's are RED, USEC are Blue, Lets hit customs, & shoot a Noob or two.
  3. Okay 1st off join the community discord there are plenty of people there that will help you get on top of your game Stay away from factory for now and try doing loot runs on more open maps with less players like Woods. The scope shack can give you 40k worth of mods in a single spot and there are a lot of other places to find quality gear and Salewa's also. I do appreciate that the game is hard but you just need to get used to playing the slow and steady tactical way and moving away from the COD/CS GO run and gun attitude. It will come with time I promise. And if you have extra bad luck if you have less than 20k worth of gear you will receive 50k rubels. I hope this helps.
  4. Not in relation to cost but we've been hinted as to what the content will be
  5. Thanks to everyone for the awesome feedback over the past few weeks. I've decided to give away a key for you or a friend to participate in the EFT Alpha. I hope you enjoy!
  6. New YouTube video and giveaway 


    1. P01NT_MAN


      That Magic lube gel. You gotta broken bone? Rub some of that magic Lube Gel and it'll heal that right up. Gotta Bullet hole in your chest? Just stuff a glob of magic lube gel and you'll be good to fight for hours...even days. Never go on patrol with out your Magic Lube Gel.

    2. Cosantoir


      Gets you out of any number of tight situations :P

    3. Olloch


      at a 1 second use time nobody has time to rub. Its more of a open lid and slap on type of deal.

  7. Great you understand then.... That if they gave you unlimited everything that they would not be able to test core game features or balance them like the trading system, starting cash etc etc. Well..... actually it was clearly stated that EOD package holders would only get their actual gear upon game launch. Overall I wouldn't worry as there are only 1 maybe 2 handfuls of youtubers that actively play EFT with a press account and they aren't even that good. So I would suggest just focusing on your own gameplay and taking advantage of the opportunity to learn to outgun players with better gear than you. Then again I've never seen a "youtuber" or anyone with more gear than I have or felt like I was unmatched so maybe this will come with experience for you Ticon you are still pretty new and the game has a steap learning curve. (PS. you have 1,500,000 cash starting off this patch how are you struggling COME ON!)
  8. EOD have the gamma right now. But there is a potential to get better. Long story short EOD gives you a head start now an advantage late game
  9. Yea I have a condition that doesn't allow me to breath through my nose at the moment so yea I understand what you are saying. I actually had to record this sentence by sentence to get through it but the feedback is appreciated and welcomed.
  10. Hurting on my Irish accent? No worries and done thanks.
  11. I can now share updates on the progression of Escape from Tarkov as they are no longer covered by the NDA after EFT's development lead Nyctea shed light on key aspects of the games development in a Q&A on GrindFM. (I know many alpha testers may have seen this info some days ago but I don't believe an English translation has been shared with the general public as of yet) I'm new to youtube, editing and informational updates so any feedback and suggestions are welcomed.
  12. Yea I wouldn't be concerned right now with constant wipes and so on its hard for new players to catch up where people like me who are playing consistently for 6 months we know what to max and how to do it as quickly as possible. Once the wipes start to reduce you will be on top of your game in no time.
  13. I appreciate the connection and sentimental value of building your own gun and calling it "my M4" but its so easy to buy guns that I really don't get the concern
  14. I know. My comment still stands though. Definitely an idea but maybe a tad too hard core? I was referring and I imagine that most references to how hardcore the game is refer to the game-play. However going forward if you die in game you dont come back 100% HP right away it takes time and medicine to get you back fighting fit.
  15. You need to slow down and remember that it's hyper realistic. Sadly in time the updates will come