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  1. Hey 18K_ can you help me, i can't create a forum post and i don't know why..

  2. Why am I unfairly losing my EOD stuff?

    It's been a few days, you tried to mention me but the mention color hasn't turned yellow. I never got the notification. I hope you're still doing good? As a side note to your issue, perhaps this might lea you in the right direction as an idea as to why you're experiencing this. Remember, we're in the CBT phase, server stability/optimization are constantly being worked on. Welcome to Tarkov! #Discussed #Locked
  3. Factory Key

    @Joey_Stalin, how are you doing? As alternative, you can place a request for the item you seek here: I hope this helps you. Good luck Escaping from Tarkov!
  4. how did he get up there?

    Hi @echomrg, how are you doing? There is no way of getting up the rooftops of the buildings. Only the AI Scavs spawn there randomly as per raid. There are ladders situated next to them but aren't functional yet. #Answered #Locked
  5. Has Anyone Hit Rock Bottom?

    #Moved to - Questions & Suggestions
  6. New to game - closed beta duration ?

    @p1987, how are you doing? There is no ETA for how long the game will be in the CBT phase. This kind of news will be announced on the Forums, Twitter as well as Facebook. Welcome and good luck Escaping from Tarkov! #Answered #Locked
  7. Cheaters?

    This topic has been discussed numerous times. Please make use of the search function provided on the Forums to make sure your not creating a topic already discussed. Thank you. #Locked
  8. Why am I unfairly losing my EOD stuff?

    @Antideluvian, how are you? Seeing that you are a new member, I would advise you to read and understand the Forum Rules before creating/commenting on topics. Thank you.
  9. Friends

    @Cetic I believe you got the necessary help from @DjiRo? There are various things to explore in the community, hope to see you there. P.S. Good job @DjiRo! #Answered #Locked
  10. i cant get peacekeeper to max level

    Hi @crayzo46 You need to spend about 1.5mil, the decimal is currently not shows in the game.
  11. Scav AI

    Hi @SmittyStone Please comment here in regards to the AI, thank you #Answered #Locked
  12. @Jimb This has been discussed a few times on the Forums. Please make use of the search function to check whether there are topics discussed/open for discussion before creating a post! #Answered #Locked
  13. ok so i bought a upgrade to the "Prepare to escape edition" and tried to rerun the game to get all of my content that i bought for a extra 50 dollors i would like to know why it doesnt seem to change to the new version that i bought? i would also like to know that if i have a full stash already in the normal version is that what is creating the problem because its full to the brim and thats why i bought the better version plz help i dont want my money to go to waste.

    1. 18K_


      Hey Madcow2448, how are you doing?

      When you upgrade to the following edition of the game, you will need to reset your profile here in order to receive the benefits of the upgrade. Sign into your profile on the EFT website and choose to reset your profile on the right hand side of the page.

      Note that you will lose all of your progress once you reset  your profile. (PMC stats, trader levels, gear and stash as well etc.)

      Hope your enjoying the game!:D 

    2. madcow2448


      you are a god thank you for your help man.

    3. 18K_


      Glad I could help!


  14. Launcher not working?

    @FeddyKen Can you please attach your latest log files to date please, only the most recent one(s) They can be found here on your PC: %localappdata%\Battlestate Games\BsgLauncher\Logs Please refrain from copy and pasting them
  15. Launcher not working?

    @FeddyKen Have you tried checking for updates through the launcher?