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  1. yes, but i recommend the discord channel. good teams and mostly people who want to teamup and play well.
  2. very good post. Hope the devs read and consider it. Ive played a lot and know the maps, but i remember the first few times. My only advise for new people is go on discord and get a good team. that helps a lot and you learn from them.
  3. It seems that all safe containers will be able to be increased in size in the final game. So the bigger packages are only a head-start basically. Not really worth it now that all purchasers are getting in game access.
  4. you want to bat for the other side? simply reset your profile afaik.
  5. as a scav i use AI tracking to know where other players are. they seem to follow them with thier gun barrels pointing at them.
  6. +1 for servers over here!
  7. I think Blackbird meant July 2018. Plenty of time. No rush.
  8. I really hope that more servers are available - in areas where no there are none - like oceania etc. This game deserves to succeed but the desync game experience sucks ass big time right now. Not the best impression for success.
  9. 'Already very close' is a very specific wording. Chronologically speaking it means really imminent. As in days away. Not weeks away. I'm not sure it is being used in the right context here. in others words - cant wait!
  10. No thanks. Am not a kid anymore.
  11. Seems the hideout is mostly just a bigger stash with more elaborate decorations. is this introducing a huge amount of grind to artificially extend the gameplay?
  12. Appreciate you taking the time to give us a heads-up. Perfect use of the off-topic thread. Giving it a try. thanks!
  13. nice news. even better would be tying the ban to the cheaters PC hardware so a ban is even more serious.
  14. Unedited video of the event would be very nice. Maybe from multiple perspectives to see the story from all sides.
  15. an oceanic server would be really good. look forward to it!