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  1. Seems the hideout is mostly just a bigger stash with more elaborate decorations. is this introducing a huge amount of grind to artificially extend the gameplay?
  2. Appreciate you taking the time to give us a heads-up. Perfect use of the off-topic thread. Giving it a try. thanks!
  3. nice news. even better would be tying the ban to the cheaters PC hardware so a ban is even more serious.
  4. Unedited video of the event would be very nice. Maybe from multiple perspectives to see the story from all sides.
  5. an oceanic server would be really good. look forward to it!
  6. what is the function of these? I ask because while they might be fun they are more like party game mode events that only happen occasionally. is it an attempt to reinvigorate interest in the game which has fallen off due to bad loot tables and currently shallow KOS free-for-all team deathmatch gameplay?
  7. many players play more like scavs than pmc. even when they should be playing pmc/
  8. no big deal about lifting the nda personally. most of what is in trakov now has been streamed already. not much new. But very keen to test out the new scav mode. that will be epic.
  9. Any news? Big exciting announcement but no follow up yet. Only 2 more days left for GDC.
  10. this! and story progression in order to unlock all the open world.
  11. is he wearing assless chaps? Because he looks like the kind of guy who would. Not bear enough, too metro sexual. Probably only runs hatchet too.
  12. playable scavs! closed beta soonish! hmm, that is acceptable news. edit - so GDC 2017 is now?
  13. sounds good. particularly the mature/tactical bit. will take a look.