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  1. no big deal about lifting the nda personally. most of what is in trakov now has been streamed already. not much new. But very keen to test out the new scav mode. that will be epic.
  2. Any news? Big exciting announcement but no follow up yet. Only 2 more days left for GDC.
  3. this! and story progression in order to unlock all the open world.
  4. is he wearing assless chaps? Because he looks like the kind of guy who would. Not bear enough, too metro sexual. Probably only runs hatchet too.
  5. playable scavs! closed beta soonish! hmm, that is acceptable news. edit - so GDC 2017 is now?
  6. sounds good. particularly the mature/tactical bit. will take a look.
  7. nice video. what was the song? i seemed to recognize it but couldnt place it
  8. Great, dig having less choke points and more choice. Any eta?
  9. hi mate,  trying to get in on discord pls



  10. Actually Sherpas should recieve a special coloured arm band, unique coloured helmet like UN, a special patch and that is all. All for easy identification by newbs and kos psychos alike. These are the best players already. They don't need handouts. They can already survive and thrive. That's why their lessons are valuable. No need to make the powerful so much more powerful or give them crutches. Handouts to them seem to lessen their legendary skill stature.
  11. you are a poet dear sir. agree that killing your own side should immediately disqualify you for sherpa status. but an unlootable top tier weapon is bullshit in a game like this. it goes against every game mechanic and removes any sense of danger in going in. Maybe be able to buy a replacmenet for a reasonable price as a sherpa only trader option. and sherpas are the elite, best players, so they will have more resrouces than the others, so rebuying should be no problemo.
  12. it should look different but do the same expected damage as its caliber. maybe be a different, rare varaition that cant be bought if you not sherpa level. most importantly it MUST BE LOOTABLE and be lost on death. or are we suddenly getting magic weapons here in what is suppsoed to be realistic based game? then i just grind sherpa to have a top tier powerful ak that i can never lose? even if i go Kos again? ridiculous... then give other classes appropriate base weapons that they can never lose.
  13. Id REALLY like a co-op here. With friendly fire always on. More AI. And ability in it to pick up decent but not best in game loot, to at least offer a viable way to gear up after being raped by a full amour/helmet wearing squad camping the spawn or exits so you die without a chance. because playing as a health limited scav against that same gank squad may not be that successful over and over and over. What has unbalanced the economy is 1) the no ai offline mode that you can grind for 50K in about 5 minutes with no risk. there should be no offline without ai. 2) trader camping for the best goods in order to buy all aks and full armour and helmets. co-op would be amazing in this game. and a way to practice and play as a team, LEARN the maps and get a good feel for the gameplay. Hell no one goes in to a situation without rehearsing if they can, even in the alpha it is a must to figure out how the game works (it is so refreshingly different from other games) and where the hell to even go to find exits etc. Imagine if you did not have the chance to learn like that.