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  1. Howdy all, hope this finds ya' well. Here's a short video of my personal callouts for Tarkov's Factory Map for those of you who are interested >>LINK<< Happy to take on constructive criticism for future projects. Thanks for taking the time to read and/or watch, Smooth
  2. Closed Beta will start in July!

    Thanks for the update! We can't wait!
  3. US Escort In-Game Event Takes Place June 1st!

    Slow and Smooth#6999 If selected will be streaming event.
  4. The Shoreline Location

    Looking forward to experiencing this map first hand! Looks good y'all!
  5. Recent EOD discount and community invite

    Great initiative @Armani157! Hope the newer crowd takes the time to learn the game with Sherpas! If ya ever need a hand, feel free to PM me.
  6. Woods is hot right now

    That will be a good patch day
  7. Woods is hot right now

    Wow, that was terrible gun-play and situational awareness.