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  1. Good initiative!
  2. Sembra anche molto grande come mappa.. bella!
  3. It's funny to see pro players with an awesome aim join the thread to say "your aim is bad" lol COD-mentality users to the conquest of EFT, lol
  4. Naturally with an AK47 in the hands... I recently discovered this channel-organization and some videos are crazy... lol
  5. I use a simple pair of LG earphones and a cheap wireless gaming headset. Currently the sound of the game is not well implemented, but I have read in the Developers answers that in future probably we will see a 3D Stereo sound implementation. So, like this example (wear headphones-earphones to understand): for a good sound really no need an expensive high-end 7.1 sound system
  6. Thank you for the fast reply. Sincerely I don't know if in other EU countries is the same, but probably players engaged in a job can find more easy to join events in week-end days (Friday-Saturday-Sunday) because most part of worker these days work only half day or they are at rest. The time-window (7.00 p.m. - 9.00 p.m. CEST) is fine, it would be nice also to see other time options like 9.00pm-11.00pm and similar. Would be nice to have the feedback about this from other EU users. I like the initiative of these events, I really hope to can join the next
  7. It would be nice to have more possibilities about the time of these events, I could not take part in the event because I was busy for job reasons in that time-window, but I think these events will be developed in different times and different days in the future.
  8. Mi piacerebbe partecipare ma giovedi torno dal lavoro che saranno le 20:00, mi sa che non faccio in tempo...
  9. 8 core for gaming are useless now. Currently i7 > 1800X for gaming, probably an AMD is a good choice for productivity purpose than for gaming compared to an Intel CPU of same range/price. You can play at the best with this game and all others with a good i7 or i5 Intel CPU and a good GPU. In my opinion AMD is a good choice for productivity but not if your first purpose is gaming. This game is not CPU intensive. Nice video, but the FPS cost about EFT graphic settings is really hard to define, it depend from your configuration: in my tests the LOD option is the option who cause the bigger FPS cost in ADS in some map points, like the SSAO option. This version of the game (Alpha currently has no any "Ultra preset", but if you read the local.ini file you can deduce that actually there are only few graphic options unlocked, and the preset for this version of the game is like something under the "High preset". EFT is not CPU intensive like other games (BF1), so the score in this video comparing an overclocked i7 7700k vs an AMD 1800x @ stock freq. is not reliable. We all know that a fastest 4 cores CPU+good GPU= better performance, and we already know that most of games can't make a good use of more than 4 cores; so it is normal to see a huge difference between an i7 7700k and an AMD 1800x if the intel CPU has +0.800GHz according to a good GPU (GTX 1080ti) though the AMD CPU has more cores and more threads (8vs4 - 16vs8)
  10. Good job!
  11. Omg.. very strange
  12. ...trought the wall?? How is possible..
  13. Happened to me the same.. It happened to other players on Customs, it seems that the problem concerns only this map.