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  1. Killing teammates in groups?

    I think teaming up with strangers is really not a good idea, but killing teammates at spawn using the 'looking for a group' function is low and very noob-like.
  2. I have noticed a performance decrease since the last patch, but with my system (i5 3570k - gtx670 drivers ver. 385.41 - 16gb ram - ssd) the game run smooth (lags sometimes or desync, but like before), at around 60fps with low/medium (manual settings). For people with a better PC having this issue try to uninstall GPU drivers with DDU utility and a clean upgrade installation of GPU drivers, check with Afterburner or others softwares the GPU/CPU/RAM usage (16gb recommended actually) and try different Graphic settings of the game.
  3. Per i nuovi players che avessero ricevuto l'email con il link per il download della Beta, attualmente a causa di un sovraccarico dei server il gioco risulta inaccessibile, restituendo diversi messaggi di errore. Ecco il comunicato ufficiale postato dai Devs nella sezione inglese del forum:
  4. Short LVOA hand rail

    (Uhm.. my bad translation) Anyway I never seen this object in the game, sorry.
  5. M4A1

    Thank you for your answer, my question was posted before my access to the game, after testing the Alpha I can confirm the M4A1 model is totally realistic, with semi-auto and full-auto fire selector.
  6. If I was in Tarkov, I [desync] would [lag] much [lag] less [KIA - killed by an immortal hatcheteer after 10 bullets on his head] lags. I am joking, anyway.
  7. Prova con una pulizia completa, è successo ad altri lo stesso problema mi pare abbiano risolto così.
  8. Controlla che non ci siano volanti joypad o altro accesi, possono creare problemi se sono collegati mentre giochi ad EFT, mi pare che siano riconosciuti in malo modo talvolta. Prova disinstallare tutto pulendo i file residui di installazione con un pulitore e registry cleaner, poi ritenta il download ed avvia il launcher come amministratore (tasto destro sul file->esegui come Amministratore)
  9. macro

    I resume this thread because I think it is an interesting debate. I want to create a macro who consent to change the reticle type of my reflex sight (I use the P1X42WP sight and I like the dot) and simultaneously change the fire selector to "full auto". This because it is pretty annoying at the begin of every match do these things every time, press CTRL + right click two time to change reticle and press "B" two times to change fire mode: during the time of these operations (few seconds, i know) you can't move and you can't peevent from enemies coming or camping at the spawn. I would like a system who memorize my settings during the game, but actually there is not this kind of option. I see some people using macros for check the chamber, check the mag, change zoom/optics mode, medikit use/healing etc, but I think that this use of macros need to be consiered different from the players using particular macros for recoil control, spread control, aim adjust during fire etc. The last utilization of macros is "cheating" for me, but the first use it's only a modification of the actual key-control of the game: I don't know why I need to press two keys on the keyboard to check the mag, when this operations is sometimes essential during a fight, and you have already two-three fingers engaged in others keys on the kayboard, it is an unnatural movement of the hand and it is pretty annoying. Why is not possible to customize controls to assign one single key to basic operations like these? I don't know how work the anticheat system regarding macros, but in my opinion need to be different the "cheating accusation" about the utilization of macros, and I don't know what is the position of Developers regardin this argument and the reaction of the anticheat system for the different kind of macros. It would be interesting to know more about this.
  10. AS VAL

    Peacekeeper sell the AS VAL at level 4? Or only Prapor?
  11. MP5

    Who sells the suppressor? I need to level all traders.. I have only Peacekeeper to level 2..
  12. Similar post: I think could be better to unlock the "hit" from the center of screen when a player shoot in hip fire. It's really "arcade" and unrealistic to assume that when I shoot the bullet is always at the center of the screen with every weapon and with every condition: jumping, running, turning, moving on... need to enlarge the central portion of the screen where the bullet can hit when in hip fire and unlock it from the "always at the exact center".
  13. SKS

    Ok thanks, so I need to level him.
  14. SKS

    There is a suppressor for the SKS in game? I can't find it.
  15. Kotton's Noscoping Spree.

    OMG... what a noob accessory... is not better a simple self-made scotch tape crosshair? lol I think Kotton uses skill instead of this kind of ridiculous stuff anyway. Probably the game need a better balance at the moment, to prevent COD style gameplay and to force players to more caution for jumps, exposure to enemy fire, etc